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Richard Bram Street Photography

The photographer I am studying is Richard Bram. Richard Bram is an American street photographer based in London. Bram takes candid photos of people wandering around the streets of London.

Looking through his photos, Bram likes to take photos of a couple from a distance or photo of a person from the back walking away or waiting for something. Most of his pictures are in black and white. The two photos I found that he took looks like he likes to take photos at the right moment and time.

Photo #1:

This is a picture is of a couple standing at a corner on a building eating and talk to each other. I like how on each side of the building there are both genders and how the photographer centers the subjects so that they are the main attractions.

Photo #2:

This is a picture of three people walking up and down a sidewalk. the cool thing about this photo is how the street light’s shadow covers a lot of the building making us focus on the people. Brams uses contrast in this photo to make the people walking stand out and is the main focus.

I want to try to achieve something similar to Bram’s work, I want to try to take a photo of someone wearing something that contrasts to the background.

His website:

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