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The Dragon’s Eye

Photo Name: Bei Hai Bliss
Photographer: Elicia Bullock

Where did I see this photo?

I saw this outside of the cafeteria displayed in the Dragon’s Eye exhibition.

How does this connect to me?

I like how this photo is of a landscape of Bei Hai (a place in China). I relate to this photo because I like to take sunset photos of landscapes.

Technical skill?

The photo looks like it is taken with a low ISO where the light from the sky and the river illuminates the photo. they also use texture and lines in the photo. The lines are created by the railing and the texture are created by the trees and clouds.

Artistic skill?

I like how the water is nice and calm creating this really cool reflection. The sunset also makes the clouds change into an orange color. I also really like the different colors in the pictures. The red on the building contrast from the blue, green, yellow of the sky and the trees.