Tik Tok, there goes Time

Do you ever need that one person that would ACTUALLY listen to you? The one that will listen and will somehow relief your stress? Momo from the book Momo written by Michael Ende is the perfect listener everybody needs at least once in their lifetime. In the book, she goes on a physical and philosophical journey to learn the nature of time and save the world from boredom. Unlike most fantasy novel main characters, Momo is nothing like unique or special but instead more like “normal”. She doesn’t have any superpowers, castles, or treasures but has one great ability to be able to make time to listen to others. The novel takes place in a very busy society where you can save time in your bank account. However, a little too busy that they won’t even notice when the Men in Grey steals time away from them. When nobody has time to listen to others, Momo stays consistent and makes time for every person by trying her best to help out. “Momo listened to everyone and everything- even to the rain and the wind and the pine tree- and all of them spoke to her after their own fashion” (Ende, 21) The story is a basic representation of how special and important it is to listen no matter how long it takes to do so. “Time is life, and life exists in our hearts, and the more of it that the people saved, the less they actually had.” (77)

There are times when we don’t notice what is really important. Sometimes you may go through a situation and think of it as if it’s no big deal. With our brains stuck with the mindset ‘time never waits for you’ some of us are too busy to feel our feelings and dream our dreams. As people say, you only live once, but you also only die once so why get so busy forgetting about making your own life? Like our busy lives, the book Momo expresses a society where everybody is in a rush. “People never seemed to notice that, by saving time, they were losing something else. No one cared to admit that life was becoming ever poorer, bleaker and more monotonous. The ones who felt this most keenly were the children because no one had time for them anymore.” (77) People never have time to care about themselves or others and can only think of going forward not looking back. “Calendars and clocks exist to measure time, but that signifies little because we all know that an hour can seem an eternity or pass in a flash, according to how we spend it.” (173) I found this part of the book relatable since the lives we are living now is similar to what the characters in the book have gone through. As I grow up and take a step forward to becoming a young adult, the more I realize how busy our lives are. Students competing against each other for better results, workers rushing to do what they’re told to do, and people just trying so hard to thrive and stay alive in this chaos full of competitions… While reading the book, I’ve reflected on my life as well as our lives and perceived that making time for others or even myself is a very important skill that we all need to learn. Momo trying to save her friends from the grey threat in an hour to escape the society full of boredom and business is definitely a challenge, but overall, her time spent on that rescue leads to happiness and smiles on people’s faces. Which perfectly explains the message Michael Ende, the author, wanted to tell the readers.

All in all, Momo’s journey to save her friends from the rush and business gave a great message of using time right and also not wasting it. The concept of time varies based on how well you use it and what you use it on. People seem to not recognize what is really important and gets so caught up in achieving that something when that process is already the achievement. But as the book tells you, making time for that somebody -which can be yourself or that random person walking across the street- can really make a difference. So use time wisely and listen to others because Tik Tok, time never waits for you.


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