For this Project, We had to study genetic disorders and how we could make people who are affected by these disorders comfortable.

The disease I had to study is called Pompe Disease, which causes muscle weakness from a build-up of glycogen (a complex sugar) in the lysosomes. The genetic disorder is caused by the lack of the GAA gene in the lysosomes making it harder to break glycogen into glucose.

The reason we researched these diseases is that we needed to find a more innovative way to help people with genetic disorders and a problem that people faced with the disorder I studied was getting upstairs

For the project, I created an escalator rail system which would be a more innovative and cost-effective product than the Stair Chair Lift. This product would be used by people with Pompe Disease, they would use it by laying their arms over the rails as it drags them up. The lift would be regulated with the speed of the user and would also have safety features that include Safety rails and an emergency pull.

This is my process journal for the project