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  • What is typography and why is it important for designers to understand?

Typography is using font and type to make written language appealing and legible.

  • What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned during this unit?

I found that typography as an art form has been around for centuries.

  • Briefly describe your process for the page layout task and include images and final layout

I found that Lucida Sans was a font that was used in early Microsoft. I put the font where it originated to show it’s own theme and history.


Science and Engineering: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

To make a device or toy that shows the transference of energy.

What are you thinking about doing? 

I’m thinking of making a wireless energy transfer device.

This is a video explaining how wireless energy works and how it can be improved though coupling; Highly Coupled Magnetic Resonance.


This is a video showing how to make an oscillating circuit to get higher resonance for longer range, but explained the process in a very difficult way and didn’t show how to build the circuit itself.

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