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  • What is typography and why is it important for designers to understand?

Typography is using font and type to make written language appealing and legible.

  • What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned during this unit?

I found that typography as an art form has been around for centuries.

  • Briefly describe your process for the page layout task and include images and final layout

I found that Lucida Sans was a font that was used in early Microsoft. I put the font where it originated to show it’s own theme and history.


Game Design-Define & Inquire

The plan that I have for my design project is to make a game concept for a game through art and showing off bits of the story. Going off of other similar indie games, with a horror aesthetic and a dark story to go along with it. This game has a simple art style and simple mechanics but a story that only gets deeper as you flow through the broken pieces of what really happened.


Made with Padlet

The one thing that I need to figure out is how I’m going to present this project. A poster with a brief synopsis of what the gameplay is and how it could be played would be ideal. A back and front art cover, of what the package the game would be held in, is what I plan on doing.

Science and Engineering: Create and Improve

This all of the main materials I need for my energy transfer device, except for a resistor and a bread board. I needed to get a bread board but the had none, so i tested it with open alligator clips

These are my finished copper coils along with a 9 volt battery, a transistor and a light. The light blew out when I was testing it the first time though`

-My product, through multiple tests, does not seem to work. The problem lies within my wiring of my circuit. I can’t find a way to fix it.






This is a model version with smaller materials. This model accurately shows how this device works, my model, however, does not work. The problem is in the wiring of the circuit (see the far left) and its configuration to the other devices.

Science and Engineering: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

To make a device or toy that shows the transference of energy.

What are you thinking about doing? 

I’m thinking of making a wireless energy transfer device.

This is a video explaining how wireless energy works and how it can be improved though coupling; Highly Coupled Magnetic Resonance.


This is a video showing how to make an oscillating circuit to get higher resonance for longer range, but explained the process in a very difficult way and didn’t show how to build the circuit itself.

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