My Food Truck

The Design Problem:

My food truck specifically sells Mexican food, the specialty being tacos. The truck mainly targets working adults, college students, or anyone that has to get something quick to eat and may come back in the future for a better meal. My truck promotes this as the massive sombrero on top of the truck attracts customers, and the overall theme of the truck screams fast and delicious.

My Final Product:

The photos above are the final products for the design of my food truck. The truck, I chose a Mexican Flag theme, pointing to the fact we serve authentic Mexican food. The rest of the designs, the sun, desert, logo, and the giant sombrero all add to the theme of Mexico. As for the packaging, I chose a paper bag as they are portable, strong, and most importantly less wasteful than plastic bags. They are also commonly seen in fast food packaging. The business card I chose to be more modern aesthetic as I wanted these working adults to possibly invest in our food truck, turning it into an actual restaurant. The Menu, I chose to be clear and simple, with little items on the menu for a faster eating experience. I also chose to stick to the color scheme of the Mexican Flag.

My Design Process:

In my design process, I had gone through many ideas. I firstly had an idea with a giant taco on top of the food truck but was deleted due to my computer shutting off. I then went through and placed a burrito on top of the truck, which faced a similar fate to the taco, but did not look as great.







Then I was inspired by looking at an image of a previously designed food truck and had the idea of a sombrero on top of the truck. In addition, I added the Maracas from my previous logo as it seemed to fit the aesthetic of the hat. Another process I had to go through was the designing of the desert at the bottom of the truck. Initially, I planned to fill the space with colors, but it did not look very

good. I then proceeded to design a desert, with cactuses. This added better to the Mexican aesthetic, other than the colors. Next, I had to choose a color scheme, which I thought the Mexican Flag fit the best. The color really represented the Mexican aesthetics I wanted and I had to make my truck more vibrant. 




On the other hand, my designed wearable products had lots of thought put into them as well. Firstly, the paper bag, as previously mentioned, is both cheap and good for the environment. In addition, many fast-food restaurants use these bags and have a nice aesthetic to them. Next, the business cards are going to be made with rough paper, as I have seen from many big organizations, and seems more professional. These cards are mainly for those who are so inspired by the food that are willing to do business with us on a bigger scale. The menu, I chose a simple aesthetic which helps with how fast customers are coming in and out of the food truck, overall helping the trucks purpose of serving fast, authentic Mexican foods. Furthermore, I have had many inspirations. For example, many images I have found of real food trucks really inspired my Mexican flag color scheme. Next, the YouTube series: Worth It, helped me discover the purpose of the food truck, of authentic and fast Mexican food that people find randomly and can’t resist coming back after their first time. I learned that there are an infinite amount of design ideas, that through brainstorm, trial and error can be put together and achieve something great.

(The following are drafts of my truck)

My Reflection:

Throughout my project, I think the thing that was effective I followed through on most of the design brief, which made the whole designing process much easier. In addition, I had lots of prior knowledge of food trucks by watching lots of food videos on YouTube, getting inspiration. Next time, I would focus on making my vectors much more precise and fine, making them look better.