What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

My name is Frank, and I am 16 years old. I was born in Beijing along with my brother, who is 22 this year. I am taking care of a stray cat who I call “Mimi”, that loves scratching my sofa. I enjoy swimming, riding mopeds, and riding skateboards around with friends as my hobbies.

What do you know for sure, and How do you know it?

There are some things that I know for sure; my name is Frank or 周家锐, I have a brother and I was born in China. However, these are facts that we learn at a very young age, information given to us by our parents.

My mind then wandered into the field of, Is the world flat. Many people around the Earth support the “flat Earthers” movement, stating that the world is flat, opposed to it being spherical. These people are opposing facts, which are proven by scientists and mathematicians using theorems and equations which we know are true. I, as well as most people in the world, also believe that the Earth is spherical. This can statement is backed up through years of calculations, as well as photos that were taken from space. We know things are true through proof that we can see or learn about.

Nevertheless, there are also many things that we just cannot know, such as what happens after death. Personally, I think that we simply die and pass away, only to be born into another life with no conscious of the previous.  This, along with others, is just a theory. I believe this through my own thought and reading articles online. Others may believe other things because of religion etc. But there is no way to prove this, as someone who has passed away cannot come back to inform us of the results. Therefore, I believe we can only know something for sure through facts, evidence, and proof.

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  1. I agree with your statement that things you know for sure are facts backed up by evidence. One interesting thing that I disagree with, however, is that facts are undisputable. To me, they seem irrefutable and impossible to prove wrong, but there is always the possibility of something existing that proves that it is false (kind of like how flat earthers believe that the world is flat).

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