In your blog post, share your parent’s responses and reflect on the implications for the development of personal and shared knowledge.  To comment, we would need to ask the following questions.

  • What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce knowledge?
  • What were their experiences in school like, and how do they compare with your own?

The responses are represented in the following:

In past, my parents there weren’t lots of useful tools to help with education. However, the ones main tools used when they were studying were: pencils, whiteboard/blackboards. For my dad specifically, because of his major, he had access to early day computers, which were extremely limited during their time.

In addition, compared to our education now with advanced tools and such, their life of learning varied greatly and was considerably more difficult. For example, my dad had to walk 5 kilometers to his school, which was extremely far from the rural area where he lived. Furthermore, he did not have the luxury of resources that are provided to us now, such as textbooks for everybody. They had to share their own textbooks, sometimes even desk spaces.

Knowing the improvement in the educational system and educational resources provided to us now, we can see a massive leap in terms of improvements. This can also prove how we as a civilization are getting smarter, exponentially. Now, if we need to know the area of a triangle, we just have to type it into our technologically advanced computer to find the answer. Compared to back then, we would need to go through much trouble of either handwriting a letter to your teachers or go visit them in person.

In conclusion, knowledge nowadays can be shared extremely easily leading to much more knowledge overall. Individual knowledge can no web spread to the general population via the web, which can be as easy as writing it up, and clicking a button.