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How Am I Politically

  • Do you consider yourself to be “political”? Why or why not?

Personally,  I do not consider myself to be political. This is due to me not being updated with the recent political news, as well as a lack of political knowledge. In addition, I mostly remain neutral about most political controversies, or rather don’t have an opinion. This can be shown through the Nolan Chart and Political Bias Chart below:

Because I am unfamiliar with the political terms, I researched what it meant to be moderate, or a centrist. Centrist have acceptance towards both left and right-winged ideas,  but oppose a massive change, leaning towards either side. Personally, I think I belong to this group. Depending on the issue, I can either be conservative about it or liberal, showing the acceptance of beliefs from both sides. However, I would not want everything to be one-sided, as it would cause an unbalance in views on social issues.

In addition, below is my placement within the Political Compass

I think this graph is not fairly accurate when it comes to representing my political views. I’m placed below and to the left of the origin. This means that I slightly lean left and is partially a libertarian. After searching up the terms, it states, “Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and political freedom, emphasizing free association, freedom of choice, individualism, and voluntary association.” Relating this to myself, I am personally a strong supporter of personal freedom and freedom of choice. However, there are some issues which I think personal freedom would be inefficient, therefore representing my slightly lean towards the left, and not completely.

  • Is everything political? Why or why not?

I think different people have different ways to differentiate between whether something is political or not. For example, some people may consider simple things such as air, to be political. These people could make headlines such as “China is purposely trying to ruin our air!”. While these may be completely false news, it could still sway one’s opinion on different political viewpoints. However, there are things that simply cannot be made political such as my cat pooping.

  • How important do you feel it is to be aware of what is going on in politics?

I think it is extremely important to be aware of what is going on in politics. There are many issues that affect our everyday life, whether we know it or not. To form an example,  the Hong Kong riots. If you were to be traveling through the areas that were controlled by rioters, it would be likely for you to be assaulted. This shows the importance of knowing the political events going on throughout the world so it would ensure your safety.

In addition, I think the most important political issue right now would be global warming. This is due to the fact that this will be a big factor for our later generations and the rest of humanity.


Interviewing Parents: Technology back then

In your blog post, share your parent’s responses and reflect on the implications for the development of personal and shared knowledge.  To comment, we would need to ask the following questions.

  • What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce knowledge?
  • What were their experiences in school like, and how do they compare with your own?

The responses are represented in the following:

In past, my parents there weren’t lots of useful tools to help with education. However, the ones main tools used when they were studying were: pencils, whiteboard/blackboards. For my dad specifically, because of his major, he had access to early day computers, which were extremely limited during their time.

In addition, compared to our education now with advanced tools and such, their life of learning varied greatly and was considerably more difficult. For example, my dad had to walk 5 kilometers to his school, which was extremely far from the rural area where he lived. Furthermore, he did not have the luxury of resources that are provided to us now, such as textbooks for everybody. They had to share their own textbooks, sometimes even desk spaces.

Knowing the improvement in the educational system and educational resources provided to us now, we can see a massive leap in terms of improvements. This can also prove how we as a civilization are getting smarter, exponentially. Now, if we need to know the area of a triangle, we just have to type it into our technologically advanced computer to find the answer. Compared to back then, we would need to go through much trouble of either handwriting a letter to your teachers or go visit them in person.

In conclusion, knowledge nowadays can be shared extremely easily leading to much more knowledge overall. Individual knowledge can no web spread to the general population via the web, which can be as easy as writing it up, and clicking a button.


Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

Telling Them the Truth – The Keys to Sound Criticism | Sliwa Insights


To answer the question at hand, we must first understand the term “truth.” There are 2 different types of truth: subjective and objective. However, the term is defined as the fact or reality to an individual.


The idea of “truth” can be very widely interpreted. In the scenario of objective truth, the truth is achieved without bias, without the factor of emotions. These truths are able to be proven, primely demonstrated in math. Can you really argue against math? No, because it is a given fact that these theories and equations have long been proven by mathematicians and taught to us through textbooks. It is a common language used by everyone to communicate the numerical values, and will forever follow the same rules. Because objective truths require no emotions to arrive at, logic/reasoning would be the best way of knowing. Only through reasoning, can we really come to the conclusion of an equation, step by step. Though most humans are perceptual beings, reasoning allows us to understand much more abstract ideas and concepts.


However, when we are dealing with subjective truths, other ways of knowing such as emotion, religion/faith, and intuition are much more effective in arriving at the “truth.” A subject truth is based on one’s personal perspective, feeling,s, or opinions. Using this definition, we can safely assume that everything we know, is all subjective. Emotion and faith/religion both depend heavily on what was previously experienced. If emotion were to be used, you would likely be arriving at truth through impulse, acting without thinking the entire situation through. In the example of religion and faith, this way of knowing solely relies on your experiences, as religion is not concrete but rather an ideology. All of these ways of knowing are limited in proof; it cannot be proven through deductive reasoning and concrete facts, rather your own experiences, causing variation from person to person.


In conclusion, is there really a way of knowing that arrives at the truth? I would say yes. Having said that, the situation in which a way of knowing is applied is extremely important. This will affect the way you define truth whether it be objective or subjective. Given the example above, reason would be the way of knowing that would arrive at an objective truth, while Emotion and faith/religion would be the best way of knowing, to come to subjective truth.

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

My name is Frank, and I am 16 years old. I was born in Beijing along with my brother, who is 22 this year. I am taking care of a stray cat who I call “Mimi”, that loves scratching my sofa. I enjoy swimming, riding mopeds, and riding skateboards around with friends as my hobbies.

What do you know for sure, and How do you know it?

There are some things that I know for sure; my name is Frank or 周家锐, I have a brother and I was born in China. However, these are facts that we learn at a very young age, information given to us by our parents.

My mind then wandered into the field of, Is the world flat. Many people around the Earth support the “flat Earthers” movement, stating that the world is flat, opposed to it being spherical. These people are opposing facts, which are proven by scientists and mathematicians using theorems and equations which we know are true. I, as well as most people in the world, also believe that the Earth is spherical. This can statement is backed up through years of calculations, as well as photos that were taken from space. We know things are true through proof that we can see or learn about.

Nevertheless, there are also many things that we just cannot know, such as what happens after death. Personally, I think that we simply die and pass away, only to be born into another life with no conscious of the previous.  This, along with others, is just a theory. I believe this through my own thought and reading articles online. Others may believe other things because of religion etc. But there is no way to prove this, as someone who has passed away cannot come back to inform us of the results. Therefore, I believe we can only know something for sure through facts, evidence, and proof.

Food Truck Design

My Food Truck

The Design Problem:

My food truck specifically sells Mexican food, the specialty being tacos. The truck mainly targets working adults, college students, or anyone that has to get something quick to eat and may come back in the future for a better meal. My truck promotes this as the massive sombrero on top of the truck attracts customers, and the overall theme of the truck screams fast and delicious.

My Final Product:

The photos above are the final products for the design of my food truck. The truck, I chose a Mexican Flag theme, pointing to the fact we serve authentic Mexican food. The rest of the designs, the sun, desert, logo, and the giant sombrero all add to the theme of Mexico. As for the packaging, I chose a paper bag as they are portable, strong, and most importantly less wasteful than plastic bags. They are also commonly seen in fast food packaging. The business card I chose to be more modern aesthetic as I wanted these working adults to possibly invest in our food truck, turning it into an actual restaurant. The Menu, I chose to be clear and simple, with little items on the menu for a faster eating experience. I also chose to stick to the color scheme of the Mexican Flag.

My Design Process:

In my design process, I had gone through many ideas. I firstly had an idea with a giant taco on top of the food truck but was deleted due to my computer shutting off. I then went through and placed a burrito on top of the truck, which faced a similar fate to the taco, but did not look as great.







Then I was inspired by looking at an image of a previously designed food truck and had the idea of a sombrero on top of the truck. In addition, I added the Maracas from my previous logo as it seemed to fit the aesthetic of the hat. Another process I had to go through was the designing of the desert at the bottom of the truck. Initially, I planned to fill the space with colors, but it did not look very

good. I then proceeded to design a desert, with cactuses. This added better to the Mexican aesthetic, other than the colors. Next, I had to choose a color scheme, which I thought the Mexican Flag fit the best. The color really represented the Mexican aesthetics I wanted and I had to make my truck more vibrant. 




On the other hand, my designed wearable products had lots of thought put into them as well. Firstly, the paper bag, as previously mentioned, is both cheap and good for the environment. In addition, many fast-food restaurants use these bags and have a nice aesthetic to them. Next, the business cards are going to be made with rough paper, as I have seen from many big organizations, and seems more professional. These cards are mainly for those who are so inspired by the food that are willing to do business with us on a bigger scale. The menu, I chose a simple aesthetic which helps with how fast customers are coming in and out of the food truck, overall helping the trucks purpose of serving fast, authentic Mexican foods. Furthermore, I have had many inspirations. For example, many images I have found of real food trucks really inspired my Mexican flag color scheme. Next, the YouTube series: Worth It, helped me discover the purpose of the food truck, of authentic and fast Mexican food that people find randomly and can’t resist coming back after their first time. I learned that there are an infinite amount of design ideas, that through brainstorm, trial and error can be put together and achieve something great.

(The following are drafts of my truck)

My Reflection:

Throughout my project, I think the thing that was effective I followed through on most of the design brief, which made the whole designing process much easier. In addition, I had lots of prior knowledge of food trucks by watching lots of food videos on YouTube, getting inspiration. Next time, I would focus on making my vectors much more precise and fine, making them look better.

Designer Persona

Describe the process of creating your vector portrait. What were the biggest challenges? How did your skills improve over time?

For this project, I have chosen the Lo-Poly Option, using only triangles to complete the portrait in my face. I hadn’t really come across many big challenges but I would say a small challenge would be getting used to the program. At first, it took a long time to get used to the hotkeys and how to fit the triangles together, but over time, I slowly overcame this challenge and started to work more efficiently.

How does your poster’s aesthetic reflect who you are as a designer?

I think that my poster would reflect some of the aesthetics I enjoy as a designer. For example, I really enjoy vibrant colors, as represented by the pink. In addition, the simplicity of graphics really attracts me. This could be also be affected by the geometric shapes, which I find pleasing to look at.

Who I am

What I think Graphic Design Is:

Using designing tools, designers create unique visuals for multiple purposes. Whether it is to promote a site or business or to simply create an invitation card, graphic design can be useful in the process of creating them.

What skills I hope to learn:

I hope to learn about the techniques that can make my designing more proficient and efficient.

What is the best thing I’ve created:

In terms of graphic design, I haven’t created many designs. But I’ve created a website before but did not use many graphic design techniques.

What I want to make:

In this class, I hope to create a logo for myself or a website for personal use.

What strengths can I bring to this course:

I took the web design class at ISB previously, which could help in the process of creating an website or etc.

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