This is a comic made by Liza Donnelly that talks of sexual harassment around the world. Donnelly employs  repetition, tone, and structure to talk about the fear of sexual harassment among women all around the planet


Rhetorical Triangle:

Genre: Comic

Purpose: Amplify voices of sexually assaulted and or harassed women

Speaker: Liza Donnelly

Audience: General public but higher focus on males

Topic: Sexual Harrasement

Context: In the wise words of Donnelly, ” The most liberal countries still have problems with equal rights for women, including the United States. This is because while a country may have equality laws, it is the culture too that must change. And that takes a long time. Cartoons can help people grasp the need for change. Cartoons point out the silly things people do to others, and expose bad behavior with laughter sometimes.”


Literary Features:


The use of the word “no” is in large proportions. We see lots of “No!!” “No, No, No, No” and, “I said NO!” throughout the text that surrounds the earth. This shows the seriousness of the issue, whilst also conveying the fact that some people don’t take no for an answer and need to be bombarded with “no’s” to get the message. Along with the word “No”, we also see a following exclamation mark (!).



After some sentences, we see an exclamation mark at the end. This shows the presence of anger and stress in the speaker. Some don’t need a tone depictor and simply can be seen as emotional by themselves. “I’m scared” “I’m afraid to walk home”. These both have very scared tones to them, giving the audience a helpless feeling. Lastly, we see text in all-caps. Such as “GO AWAY.” and “I said NO! Really no!” this gives off the and desperation to get the point across.



The structure of the comic goes along the lines of a single speaker at the top, then the earth surrounded by lots of different speech bubbles encapsulating text of anger stress, and fear. The earth surrounded by the text gives off the metaphor of sexual harassment being a worldwide issue that is unavoidable. Adding on to the speech bubbles, the number of them shows how plenty of women are affected each day. Lastly, we see the women coming up first at the top then followed by the world, which leaves the audience feeling this sort-of zoom effect. Going from a close up, out to the entire planet.



Hello, my name is Gabriel, I’m in 11th grade and this is me answering, “What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?”

First of all, we must take different forms of knowledge and see how each of these affects what you know. For example, you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell to help you gain knowledge of your surroundings. It’s possible to sense something but is it really what you think. I believe that using multiple senses to ‘cross-reference’ and solidify the fact if you know something. Now that applies to physical stimuli, but what about the information that exists outside of physical form and more mental. Again, I believe that information must be cross-referenced between multiple sources to become true. For example, I can ask two people which color is blue on a paper I show them to confirm that my concept of blue is the same as theirs.

Graphic Design Website Blog – Gabriel

Graphic Design


This course is about making a non-existent problem so that we can make a solution for it. In my case, I am making a website for a company named Bunjo for there game release.

Plan and Reasoning

I intend to make a website that will showcase photos videos and even interviews of and about Bunjo’s new game. In real life, this game is called Destiny 2 and its creator is called Bunjo. I am personally very fond of this game so I decided that it wouldn’t be the worst project. I have renamed the company and the game, the game’s new name is now CHSΣN. I got the name Idea from previous Bungie games and from the plotline of the Destiny Franchise. It involves one person being chosen by a foreign planet and given special powers to defeat the powers of darkness. The name destiny fit that same idea so I thought that the name Chosen would be perfect. The reason it has the diamond and the sigma is that I was going through a few font websites and I came across this particular version of the word. I thought that It was different and cool so I chose to keep it. To showcase the photos I will find the bare photos that I would have previously showcased and use Illustrator to put the new name onto the new bare photo. For example:

This photo



Made with Padlet


Design Studio: Design Brief 1

Your name: Gabriel

Design problem:

Gaming Company called bunjo needs help with a website to showcase there new game


General Public, mostly adults


To inform an audience and showcase the game


Using a simple design creator and using photos that are only from the actual game 


To create a good showcase of what the game has to offer


Online Pictures from the game or of the game. Along with pictures for ideas and motivation.





Ipad w/ Pencil

Mentors, assistance

  • Teacher
  • Design Assistants
  • Class mates

Questions or supporting information



User Persona – Gabriel

Screen shot –



User_Persona – Gabriel


User Persona / Gabriel R

Blogpost #1 /

What is this engineering task?

We have to create a project that either; converts energy, transfers energy, transforms energy or is a tool to help learn about physics.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

I’m think of doing a energy converts project that involves solar panels..This would either be through a car or some sort of vehicle.

If that doesn’t work then I will do a energy transfer, this could be some sort of project that involves water.

Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like


ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

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