TOK – Self Introduction and Knowledge


My name is Gigi Shum, and I am currently studying at the International School of Beijing as a high school junior. I was born in Hong Kong but never lived nor studied there, so I learned all my Cantonese from my parents. I have been in Beijing for almost ten years, and this is my third year at ISB.


What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? 

In my opinion, the things I personally know for sure are the things innate and personal. This essential question has two key components: knowing and knowing for sure. I think knowing itself is an abstract concept, it encompasses factual knowledge, emotions, environment, perspective, and much more. Judging from the myriad of methods of how a person obtain knowledge, I cannot be certain of anything. I don’t know things for sure. Except one thing—-I know for sure of what I am experiencing at this exact moment, but not of the past, because every time one thinks of the past, he or she is not constructing what exactly happened, but rather of an incomplete picture built on memories—-fractures of reality. Even though disciplines of science can still be disproved over time, just as Aristotle and Galileo exemplified, what I experience belongs to me and stays true, such as how I am writing this line of my TOK homework right now. This line might be deleted, edited, or lost in the future, but this experience will always stay true due to the specification of time and event