My book is called Winger by Andrew Smith. I created SMS messages and put them into a big collage to express the exposition (setting, characters, and conflict) to the novel.

The setting of the book is the modern times, basically a normal life of a teenager right now. And now, during the 21st centuries, many kids use their phones to text and call people. For example, on p271 Ryan Dean says, “I called my mother from the airport.” This gives a message that Ryan Dean has a phone and also the word ‘airport’ gives a hint of the 21st century.

In the SMS messages, I wrote conversations between the protagonist, Ryan Dean West, and his friends in Pine Mountain, his boarding school. The texting with his friends also gives the information about the characters in the book. I used some quotes from the book, such as, when Ryan Dean is explaining about how he got into opportunity-hall on P10, “…after they caught me hacking a cell phone account so I could make undetected, untraceable free calls.” I also used this quote in the conversation between Annie and him.

I showed the conflict by expressing the feeling of Ryan Dean being concerned about being in opportunity hall. For example, the first text with JP is, “Yo Seanie, I can’t believe I got put in O-hall.” This text gives a hint of the regret for him hacking into a teacher’s phone. In the book on P41, Ryan Dean said, “It was time for dinner, and I missed my friends.” This quote also illuminates that Ryan Dean does not want to be there and regrets it. The second conflict I included was the with Annie. In the conversation between them, Annie says, “Aww… what a cute little boy.” this gives a hint of how Annie thinks of Ryan Dean, she thinks of him as little boy. This was also a quote from P28 when Annie looks at his ID.


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