Define and Inquire

What are you thinking about doing?

I was thinking about making a vending machine but it doesn’t really convert energy so i decided to switch my idea.

My next idea was an electric eraser:

But this has some problems because it’s too big to carry around and also hard to use.

My next idea was a drink dispenser machine. I stuck with this idea for a long time but we do not have air pump motors which allow the drink to flow. So I decided to look for other drink dispenser machines that don’t use motors. I found a few that don’t need motos, but they don’t show energy being converted.

My final idea was to make an NBA basketball board game from cardboard. I think this would be a great idea since it shows the energy transfer by the rubber band. This idea is safe for kids to play with it and it also wouldn’t be very heavy since it is made of cardboard. I have all the materials as they are all cardboard, paper cups, ping pong balls, wooden sticks, and some more. I think some problems that I will go through would be the measurements of the cardboard and where to hot glue them.


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