Create and Improve

This is the catapult that I made:

I had some problems making the catapult because there were some materials that I couldn’t find so I had to improvise and find new materials that would work the same way. For example, I couldn’t find the button to move the direction of the catapult and I also couldn’t find a pencil end to secure the catapult and to allow the catapult to rotate. So, I searched through the jewelry/decoration box to find the alphabet H and the green plastic tube. I received some feedback from a friend as the catapult kept on falling off since the plastic tube was really short. My friend suggested to cut out a small cardboard piece and make it into a cylinder and is able to fit the hole but not go through the hole. He also suggested putting a small circle on time so that the cylinder won’t come out and make the catapult come loose.









I also was able to make the backboard and the basket. There wasn’t enough time to cut out the tiny details of the net of the basket so I decided to outline the lines with a sharpie. There was also a problem because the basket was facing downwards and it wasn’t a straight basket so I decided to put a piece of cardboard behind the basket








I made a very big mistake when I was gluing the cardboard sides on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it but I accidentally glued the cardboard sides the wrong way so the ball was rolling the wrong way. I fixed it by cutting off the dried glue and cutting out two new cardboard sides.




I went through many problems and one them was that the box for the ball to roll out was too small as afterward the stopper would allow the balls to go through it would get stuck, as the bottom of the hole was blocking it. So I got some feedback from my friend and his idea was to sandpaper the bottom of the hole to flatten it down and make it the same height as the inside of the cardboard. The idea worked but there was also a bit of a flaw about the stopper since the stopper would sometimes be lost as it was a different piece and can be taken off. So I decided to glue a small circle at the bottom of the stopper so that it won’t fall out and it would stay in place. This is what it looked like after the changes:



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