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This was the final product:









This is how it works: The player has to let all the balls roll out in the box by lifting the stopper and then putting it back into place so that everyone only has 5 tries. The game starts by placing the ball on the cap and rotating the orange button to the position you want to shoot it at. Then you press down on the popsicle stick as there is tension between the position stick and the rubber band. The player has to put in the right amount of the force so that the ball flies in on of the basket. The top basket gets 3 points while the lower 2 both get 2 points and the bottom basket only has 1 point. After the ball goes through the basket it will roll down and will be stopped by the stopper and after all the balls are gone then the game starts over again.

This is how my project works with a video:

The conversion of energy is shown by the tiny catapult to launch the ball. The different types of energy included in a catapult are potential, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy. There is also elastic energy as there is a rubber band holding the popsicle stick. When the catapult is released, it transforms from potential energy to kinetic energy. The kinetic energy then transforms into gravitational potential energy since the ball flies into the air.

I was successful in making the catapult rotate and able to work and release the ball. I also was able to make a kind of tunnel for the balls to roll through and be stopped by the stopper. I was also successful in making changes and improving things when things didn’t go well. I think the things I need to improve on is to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I think there was a lot of places where I rushed it because of the amount of time I got. For example, the baskets didn’t all look the same as one of them was partially cut while the others were just marked with a sharpie.

This product is mainly for kids or adults that are bored or want to have some fun. It can also be for people that like to play arcade games or love to play basketball as this whole product is also based on the basketball arcade games. This is a safe product as there is nothing part of it that can harm other people. The product is also environmental free because all the cardboard I used were recycled.

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