Develop & Plan


-6 paper cups

-5 ping pong balls



-Bottle cap

-Tiny button

-Decorations for NBA

-Round wooden sticks


  1. Cut out the cardboard
  2. Cut out paper cups and draw the ping pong balls
  3. Glue the cardboard together
  4. Start making the catapult and test if it works first
  5. Glue on the extra cardboard
  6. Starting putting the baskets in
  7. Put the catapult in and test if it works
  8. Fix if there are problems


























These are the measurements of the cardboard:

Polymer Project Journal #1

Synthetic vs Natural

What are synthetic materials:

Any manmade material made by natural resources

Give 2 examples of synthetic materials:

Manmade rubber and polyester

What are natural resources:

Materials like water, forests, minerals, and fertile lands that happen in nature

Give 2 examples of natural resources:

Air and wood

What is a polymer?

A polymer is made up of a lot of molecules put together forming chains

Give 2 examples of synthetic polymers and the natural resources they come from:

Synthetic Polymer #1

Fabrics like polyester

What natural resources does this come from?


What would we use this synthetic material for?

Wearing clothes

Synthetic Polymer #2


What natural resources does this come from?

Coal, gas

What would we use this synthetic material for?

Drinking water, store food

Chemical Reactions

How do natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials?

Because synthetic materials are polymers, natural resources go through polymerization in which includes the chemically bonding monomers and makes synthetic materials

What is a monomer?

A molecule that can be bonded with another that is the same.

What is polymerizaton

It’s a process of chemically bonding monomers to make polymers.


Knowledge & dictionary


Governance Unit May 7, 2014

Today during the governance, Ms. Mc told us to get in our groups and write down the things that your group had done. I was in the cooking group with Maya, Jesse, Diego and Rohan. We wrote down that we have 9 furnaces to cook and we cooked 26 pieces of food altogether. Also, we’re almost done building the community kitchen. After we wrote down all the things that we’ve done already, Ms. Mc told us to come to the carpet. Ms. Mc said that one person has to go in front of the class and say what they have done in their group. Diego had to say what our group has done. After every group got a turn to say what they did we got to go on x459!!!

x459 I found this snowy place with a lot of animals. I told Diego and I took him there to see. I tried learing the animals to follow me but I didn’t have any food. I also found a pumpkin there too. But then I was hungry so I was trying to find food. When I was leaving I didn’t know where to go! I was lost!!! Then I saw 2 people coming so I knew where our village was. That time Ms. Mc said it was time to pack up so we all had to leave x459.

I hope I find food to lear the animals! I wish I’m in x459 right now!


Governance Unit May 6, 2014

Today during governance  Mayah said that there was a problem. I think the problem was when someone puts a lot of food in the community chest such as 20 pieces of food and  someone takes all of it even though if he or she isn’t even hungry. We talked for while and then Ms. Mc showed us some things on x459 (Minecraft). She showed our class where our community kitchen was. After our class saw where our community kitchen was, some of our classmates said the kitchen was too far from the community chest. We cound’t move the kitchen near the community chest because we were almost done building the kitchen, and we would have to break the whole entire kitchen and then move it. Finally we got to go on x459!

In x459 I was very hungry, so I killed a pig. I ate 1 piece of pork and then put the rest in to the community chest. When I was going to the chest, Alexander said he needed food so I said” I’m putting the food in to the chest, meet me at the tower.” Then Carly said that she had 2 pieces of raw chicken. Of course she coudn’t just eat them, she had to cook them. Carly wanted me to help her cook the raw chicken, but I didn’t have any wooden planks. So, Carly went to get wooden planks. I cooked the raw chicken and gave it to her. Also, Maya got stuck in this big hole and she couldn”t get out. I helped her get out was hole before she died of thirst.

I hope I won’t starve again!! I hope our community succeeds!!!

Governance Unit April 28, 2014

Last Friday, we brainstormed ideas for our food chest, because some people needed food to eat. One of the ideas was to start a farm for our community. Ms. Mc asked us how were going to choose what ideas we will do. She told our class that we should decide as a class with out her helping. After she said that, our class went CHAOS!!!

Now lets start from the very beginning of last fridays governance. Here it is!!!! First, Carly went up to the the front of the class (Because Carly’s the student council leader). Our class said that we should vote because it was much easier.  Unfortunately, some of the boys started crowding around Carly so the people in the back coudn’t see a thing! Then, more boys went up to see what was going on there again! When we voted nobody really knew what was happening since there were a bunch of people crouding around the paper. The people at the front counted together so it was very confusing. Mayah, Maya and Maxine all tried telling the people at the front that Carly can do it by herself, but the people at the front (Boys) didn’t listen.In the mean time, Ms. Mc was using the ipad to film the whole thing. In the afternoon, she showed us the video so we know what we did well and what we did wrong. After we watched the video, everybody was disappointed about our community. Last Friday was a very busy morning!!!

Today during governance we wrote down ideas that we think will make the community better. One of the ideas was to have one leader. Then Ms.Mc asked us how we were going to do the ideas. For example; “The people who wants to be the leader raise their hands. Each person votes for 2 people. Then use the popsicle sticks and put the names of the top 3 leaders on them and draw.” We haven’t done the popsicle thing yet, but we know who’s the top 3 leaders. I hope we get on minecraft again!!! Also I hope this problem won’t happen again!

-Grace Wang

Governance Unit April 24,2014

Today during governance, we went on planet x459 again. In x459 (Minecraft) I was hungry so I went to the chest, but there was no food in their. I was about to die!! My class said they put food in the chest but when I checked I just saw plants in their. Ms. Mc said this was a problem, we had to find a way to solve it. I made a plan so this problem might be solved. Here’s the plan that I think that will help our village solve the problem:

When someone needs food and one person has a lot of food, put it in the chest that’s near the big tower. You should put it in the chest near the tower because some people are putting the food in their own chest (That’s in their house), so if some one does that you don’t know where they put the food. If your not starving or hungry you should only take a little food from the chest, not just taking a bunch of food out, even though your not hungry or about to die of starvation. Also, if someone’s about to die by starvation and you have some food, give it to that person. Not just ignore him or her and let them die, help them.

That was my plan to solve that problem. I think the last one is important because we are a community, we have to help each other like a family. I hope our group solves this problem!!! I can’t wait to see how our village turns up when we’re done!!!!!




Governance Unit April 23, 2014

Today during governance, our group got together again. We made a list of what we were going to do once we get on Minecraft. Ethan wrote the list down so we can remember while we’re in Minecraft. We assigned jobs for each other and wrote them down. Mayah and I are going to find a good place to build our house. Ethan and Samuel will mine for materials to build our house. Today we got to go on Minecraft but only for a few minutes because we didn’t have time. In Minecraft we found a good place to build our house and then started to build it. We’re not really done building our house cause we just started today. We had some problems though, one was Mayah couldn’t find the place where to build our house and another was I kept on losing connection when I’m on Minecraft. I hope we solve these problems!

I can’t wait to see how our house turns up!!!! This unit is awesome!!!



Governants Unit

Today in governance, the class divided in to groups. My group was Mayah, Samuel, and Ethan. We all came up with ideas to build our house together and how are we were going to build it. We decided to have three floors. The first floor is the living room and the second floor is the place where we all sleep. On the second floor we also have me and Mayah’s personal balcony. On the third floor it’s the watch tower (The boys are in charge of the watch tower). Also we have a storage that’s underground. After we talked about how we were going to build our house, Mayah drew it on a grid piece of paper. We haven’t decided where to build it yet, but we know how were going to build it. We also decided to assign jobs for each other. The boys will mine materials for us to build our house, while Mayah and I find a good place to build our house. When we find a good place to build our house, then we will all start building it together like a family. This is going to be fun!! I hope our house turns good!!!!!!!