Course Reflection #5

By the time of my post, I am mostly done with the course. It was interesting learning about the different learning styles, and how it applies to me. However, there is not much else to report for the course.

Outside of tutor training, I have managed to make the most out of my culinary skills, successfully baking some bread, and making lots of dishes. I am concerned with the virus condition outside of China (cough Britain), and it could be likely that we will be tenth graders when we go back to school again. Overall, my time at home has done me fine, since I managed to procrastinate less this week, and start work on my personal projects.

Tutor Training reflection #4

I am almost complete with the online course, and have taken up some of my plans stated in my goals during this time. I am still overcoming procrastination for Elearning, and during the process, have found that my phone is the biggest distractor for me. Thus, I put a timed lock on it, so that I can only open certain apps during the lock time. It has the effect of parent supervision, which is great for my situation. I have mostly followed my plan of doing homework before other less important things, however, I have handed in some assignments late, so I need to manage my priorities better.

Throughout the course, I have learnt more things. Despite the fact that most of the information/tips provided could be thought of, the course provides more examples, through research and statistics, which I like. I am hopeful for the future practice I will have as a tutor!

Course Reflection #3

Elearning has been a little hectic, and combined with the relieving news that we have an extension for the course, it led me to fall behind in the course.  The second unit has almost double the number of courses than the first, and I did not plan enough for this. Thus, my schedule of finishing 2/3 of the course by now was not strictly followed, since I have only completed 11/18 when only counting the unit tests and modules, a little more than half. Unfortunately, I would have to finish even more modules by the due date, which I set to be March 1st, only because I am not sure how long the extension will be. Thus, I will have to finish one module/ unit test per day. It was only due to my procrastination that I slacked off. So, after I have set my goals of breaking my habit of procrastination, I shall strictly adhere to the regulations I set myself.

I have also learned much through the course. Though it is for tutors, it also teaches me real-life skills such as how to become a better communicator. I have realized previous mistakes I made when talking with others, which probably made the conversation very awkward. I will do my best to change those habits, and be less awkward as a person.

Course reflection #2

I have finished the 5th module: Socratic Questioning and an Andragogical Approach, and is halfway through the 6th module: Balancing Your Roles as a Tutor. Now, I have finished 5.5/23 modules, and there is a long way to go. 

At first, I felt daunted by the workload after scrolling through the contents. However, as I moved through the courses, I realized that each assignment did not take that much time and effort to complete. It was only slightly annoying for the first few assignments when you could only move on when the previous assignment was finished, but now, the entire module is open after the previous unit was finished. The only reason if I do not finish the course on time will be my procrastination. The solitude I get because of the ongoing virus will be a great time for me to change my habits of procrastinating. I have even finished this reflection blog earlier than the previous!

Similar to the previous reflective blog, I have continued to learn about how to be a tutor. I never realized that tutors had to follow this many ethical, etiquette, and evaluation rules! With my basic understanding, I now hope to learn more about how to use what I have learned in real practice. It is a pity that I only have my family to be a tutor to, since it breaks some ethical rules and I know them so well. However, it will be good practice. With my newfound knowledge, I will learn to respect my students, follow more social norms, and teach through questioning my students.