Engineering Blog Post #4

The project doesn’t work. However, it got close to working. When I spun the device, it registered that it was trying to charge. However, it just wasn’t able to do so. The design turned out very well, exactly how I planned, but it just didn’t work. Theoretically, it should have worked, but it just was not powerful enough. If it worked, it would have saved power and had been a very good way to charge your phone. Had I been able to have it output at higher voltage, it would have worked.

Blog Post #2

I’ve created a design that has everything I initially hoped for. I did research on wind powered phone batteries and just replaced the fan/hand crank with a fidget spinner. Many students are doing something similar, but with a solar panel. I’ve consulted with these people to improve my design + pieces I’m using. Hopefully, this will be something I can practically use.

Fidget Spinner Energy Maker

I’ve liked not only making fidget toys, but also playing with them as well. I want to push a fidget toy to be able to create energy. I could start doing this by using wind energy within the fidget toy. Perhaps a fidget toy that has fans that you can activate by pushing something could power it. Maybe eventually, I could make it charge other devices. This toy could be fun to use and useful.

Here is a model that I made to sort of show what I want to do:

Ignite Make It 2017-18 Reflection

We created a documentary on filmmaking.

We did really well on our cinematography and audio, it came out nice and CRISP.

We needed a lot of footage, a ton of people who were recording. Sometimes they were not even recording.

We were really creative with our filming, even filming some people’s screens that were filming. A good example is the fact that we got about 30 minutes of footage, and used 2 minutes. We used the best of our product to make it better.

I learned how to properly use a lot of technology and how to edit. I felt as though it was very good.

Huck’s Blogs Reflection

In 8th grade, we went to ShiMenShan, a beautiful mountain trip with amazing and stellar views.  Throughout the trip, I feel like I really demonstrated Service. Throughout the wall, my friend and I were scared at certain parts. However, we kept helping each other and pushing on, despite how scared we were. But I still think I struggled with communication. During the raft building, I didn’t talk with my group much due to the fact that they were not talking to me. I still think I can work on that. Overall, I give the ShiMenShan trip 3/5.


Ignite Blurb

Within my Storytelling group, I was a very big contributor when it came to writing. I wrote a great deal of our podcast and worked very hard on it. What I mainly wrote were some of the scenes before the main action, as that is what I felt I needed to work on. Within the Tree podcast, I feel as I did a great deal of work in all areas.

Giver Pain Discussion

Something important to remember is you cannot feel one thing without the opposite. You cannot feel love without loss; you cannot feel fun without misery; and likewise, you cannot feel happy without feeling sad. This matters because what is the point of living life if you cannot be happy? Sure, it will protect you from pain; but there is no joy in life without; well, joy.

I have lost a close relative in the form of my Great Aunt less than a month ago, and you may think that this experience was useless; however, it has helped me in many ways. It has prepared me for the loss of other relatives in the way that I can cope with it better. And this experience will help me longer in life.

I would not take away the experience because it will help me further in life when I lose other family members. And that is something important to me.