Engineering Blog Post #4

The project doesn’t work. However, it got close to working. When I spun the device, it registered that it was trying to charge. However, it just wasn’t able to do so. The design turned out very well, exactly how I planned, but it just didn’t work. Theoretically, it should have worked, but it just was not powerful enough. If it worked, it would have saved power and had been a very good way to charge your phone. Had I been able to have it output at higher voltage, it would have worked.

Blog Post #2

I’ve created a design that has everything I initially hoped for. I did research on wind powered phone batteries and just replaced the fan/hand crank with a fidget spinner. Many students are doing something similar, but with a solar panel. I’ve consulted with these people to improve my design + pieces I’m using. Hopefully, this will be something I can practically use.

Fidget Spinner Energy Maker

I’ve liked not only making fidget toys, but also playing with them as well. I want to push a fidget toy to be able to create energy. I could start doing this by using wind energy within the fidget toy. Perhaps a fidget toy that has fans that you can activate by pushing something could power it. Maybe eventually, I could make it charge other devices. This toy could be fun to use and useful.

Here is a model that I made to sort of show what I want to do: