Adaption to Nature

Adaption to the nature. Taken away from their owners the nature is the only one they could rely on to survive. In the book The Call of the Wild by Jack London, the dog called Buck was sold to Francois and Perrault as a sled dog. He was learning his skills to survive in the pack of dogs. How to fight and survive. The Call of the Wild is a book that not only talks about how to survive and fight in a pack of sled dogs. It also included that any living organism should adapt to nature they are left in, not the people around you to adapt to your nature.

After Buck retired the currier of the sled dog he meets a human called Thornton and they become close friends and they help each other out. In the resolution the author talks about the most critical idea of this book. “As he sat, he saw his dream world, where the strange hairy man sat next to him. He also heard something call into the forest,” (London, 51). The something in here meant that Buck has his own natural inherit to be the something that called for him every night in his dream. “He ran into the forest, following the sound, and came to an open place in the trees. And there, his nose pointing to the sky, sat a wolf” (51). Following to the research of National Geographic “Wolves howl to find their member of the pack.”, Buck followed his internal mind of a wolf. Buck followed the sound of the wolf’s howl which were actually calling him to come to their herd again.

Finally, Buck ends up being the leader of the wolf’s herd by showing how strong he is and his leadership to lead the herd. Anything who lives in the world should know how to adapt to the nature they are living in not the other living thing’s nature to adapt to you. If you do rely on the people to adapt to your nature they will try to get away and dislike you, but if you try to adapt to their nature they will come to you.


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