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Day 4

Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share
Show your final product through photos and/or video

Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

I used the line lamp and the solar cell two things to make it. That I’m making those two line been stick together so that the line lamp will be powered by solar cell. And I put the line lamp in my pillow so it can make a fact which is when the solar cell have bright light the line lamp will be glow and make the pillow glowing.

Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

For the next time, I think I can have two things to improve. Frist is to make my pillow look more good. Because the is the first time I had been sewing stuff it might make the pillow have someplace not so perfect or make my process have a bit slow which make me have not much time for drawing on it. Also, the second thing is I want to improve on is the solar cell. I want to have something that can teal the light that can make the pillow glowing at night.
Explain the impact of this project on the environment and potential client/consumer.

So for my project is not really can have some environmental impact, it just because of sometimes when you on the plan or in train the servers or people besides you always let you clothes the window. But you want to read a book, or do your homework or make a painting, and you can’t open the light it will be so awkward. But if you have this pillow you can open a little bit of the widows or stick the solar cell on the light that your glow pillow will be work and then you can use it for light also a pillow.

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day 3

Take at least 2 pictures every class of your prototypes Show testing (through video)

Reflect on how the process is going
Gather feedback from others

My friends said if I can make the fabric of my pillow more strict it will fell greater to touch.

Show improvements to your design

By the time I heard his comments, I wasn’t quite done yet, so I made the more important parts of the back tighter
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Day 1

Blog post #1: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

Is a task that will with work with the engineering circle and I’m doing a toy will have energy transfer in it.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

Electric to light? Electric to thermal?

I think I want to make a toy that when it be charged it will be warm. So in the winter, it can warm yourself at outside or place that doesn’t have heating

Or I think I can make something like a fortune cat which when it gets the solar energy it can move their hands

Or like a toy that can put the battery in it so it can be glowing at night. The reason for it is just because some people will be scared at night when they are lonely, so it not to shin like a lamp and it’s a toy you can hug it.

Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like


ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Day 2






Solar cell

Line Lamp



Get the plan finished and get approved.

Being get drawing on the fabric and cut it out

Make the side of the pillow and the front of the pillow together

Get make sure about what I’m going to put in it.

Get cotton


Bring my lamp light and solar cell

Make dose two lines together

Finished 1/3of my sewing processes


Get cotton

And I will finish part of my sewing processes


Make done of my sewing processes

Testing if it succeeds or not