Introduce of myself

Hello, my name is Illo. Welcome to my blog. I’m an 11-grade student in ISB. During my free time, I like to take a nap, drinking milk tea, playing video games, and reading books. Also, I really enjoy traveling around different cities and countries.

(This photo was taken in Madrid.)

For the question of “What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? ”

I think when people know for sure to something it could be their beliefs, the fact they see by their eyes, or the thing that happen around them a lot of times.  For example, I’m known for sure I’m a Chinese, I’m known for sure I’m a 16years old student that studies in ISB, also I’m really sure I have a pet dog. I know that I’m Chinese because I grow up in China, and my parents are all Chinese people who speak Chinese as their first language. I know I’m 16 years old because I had been in this world for 16 years, and I know I’m a student of ISB since I go to ISB every school day. Moreover, I really like my pet dog, which is a white Shiba Inu, and I walk with him every day after dinner. I known for sure he is my dog because I feed him and I live together with him.