Princes and Dressmaker

The book I read was the Princes and Dressmaker, which is about a prince who likes to wear dresses and a little girl who becomes his dressmaker. The questions I want to ask to text are what the purpose of this text is, and why the author wants to make the context like this, since this kind of story was not followed with the social mainstream. This book was fit to my level and a little below my level. This is because the book I chose was a graphic novel. Also, I think the book’s main character could relate to my life since some of my friends are also facing the problem that they are a boy, but they like to wear dresses or make-up. I almost read the entire book, predicting that the boy and his family were reconciled at the end of the story. The thing that novel makes me realize would relate to the parents. In this graphic novel, in the end, the king, who is the parents of the princes, also wears the dress with his son to support his son, which makes me realize about parents are a group of people who loved you the most in the world. However, you might have some characteristics different from others. Your parents will tolerate them, too.