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To what extent is the knowledge constructed in some areas of knowledge more reliable than the knowledge constructed in others?

Knowledge is a kind of global information, and the knowledge acquired in any field is essentially based on the phenomenon discovered in people’s ability and exploration of this particular field. In modern times, people gain knowledge from schools or books and from the Internet. The emergence of the Internet allows people to accept information more widely, but at the same time, it also increases the credibility of the information. To go back to the problem, it’s not just the advent of the Internet but also the credibility inherent in the different ways in which intellectuals communicate. Such as, art, it conveys knowledge through various forms of art. But it is not as reliable as biological knowledge that can be verified by real experiments. Because the artwork gives the author’s own thoughts and feelings, it is a very perceptual product. The knowledge shared in it is bound to be influenced by the artist’s own beliefs. For example, in the early Middle Ages, artists often painted Madonnas’ images that did not show noticeable female features. During the Renaissance, Madonna’s female characteristics were usually delivered to the audience to feel the glory of motherhood and the body’s beauty. Unlike the arts, such as the biological sciences, their messages are more verifiable through experiments. This also ensures the credibility of the knowledge. Although knowledge is global, knowledge’s credibility is different due to the different transmission modes established in various fields.

Reflection on Political

Do you consider yourself to be “political”?  Why or why not? 

I didn’t consider myself to be “political”, because I think the government decision is the thing I can’t change, especially in China. Therefore, it not important to consider me as a political, compared to live my life well.

What does it mean to be political?  

Someone who likes to talk about government decisions, and speak their point of view for the decisions.

Is everything political?  Why or why not? 

No, because political won’t affect personal life.

How important do you feel it is to be aware of what is going on in politics?   

I think about 4-3 points out of 10, because political stuff won’t change your life, and if the thing that going on in politics is really important such as war, you will notice that.

What are the political issues that you believe are most important right now and why? 

I think it would be the way each country dill with covid-19 because it making huge effects on human rights, life, or economics, etc.

Semester 1 reflection

During the first semester, we considered knowledge questions related to “Knowledge and the Knower” and “Knowledge and Technology.”  Looking back, what learning engagements stand out to you the most and why? 

 I think the learning engagements that most interest me are the group work performance, which is really interesting because there are many different ways that my classmate perform their projects, such as a skit or a documentary. 

In what ways, if any, has your perspective shifted due to your participation in this course so far?

During this course, my perspective of knowing knowledge had been brought to a wider view, since, as before, I did wear that there have a lot of ways of knowing knowledge. Also, during this course, I learned various other people’s opinions, which I didn’t think people will think that way before, such as the plane Earth theory.

Looking ahead to the exhibition requirement, what do you want to keep in mind? 

I think the requirement I want to keep in mind is about writing the description, which we need to explain in detail about the question and why this supports my answer. I think it’s important to remember the writing pieces’ requirement because when I was writing something, I always forgot to explain why.

Thinking back on the writing you have done so far in the course, what can you do to continue to hone your skills? 

The most important thing I need to do is think more and explain my thought in more detail because I always put up an argument but didn’t explain really in detail and talk about why I think in this way.


What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce knowledge?  

They use their notebook for remembering the knowledge that teachers teach them, or use book to learn.

What were their experiences in school like, and how do they compare with your own? 

It’s totally different with my own experience, this is because in the time my mom went to high school she need to weak up really early and go back home really late. Also,  there didn’t have any technology that can help to learn such as computer or phone. Therefore, they learn by memories the stuff teacher teach them, and doing different test and worksheet.

Debate Reflection

Which side won?  Why? 

In my opinion, both sides of the debate are doing well, but I think the winner should be the con side. This is because the con side is making their opinions really clearly and with evidence. For example, the first speaker for the con side pulls up the idea that the fake impression of “bliss,” which your brain is made up to you. Therefore, he also provides an example of the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, which is about the Russians being too ignorant and confident and being defeated by The Japanese. Also, during the crossfire con side have a lot of confidence and states their claim really clearly.

Which side of the debate do you fall on?  Why? What responsibility do we have when it comes to acquiring knowledge if any?    

I think I may fall on the con side since the circumstance of “ignorant is a blessing” may happen is because ignorance will prevent people from being exposed to many situations that impact your previous knowledge, experience, and values. This also means people can’t make rational decisions based on the relatively real facts of the situation. When there appears a political vote, people can’t use their previous knowledge to determine which side they should vote for. Therefore, it may cause them led by some politicians and can’t have their own opinions. Moreover, some people think ignorance is a blessing because they thought they may feel pain if they know a lot of knowledge. However, from my point of view, this is not correct. The ignorant is like a cage; the people think they are joy and peace, but how can this state be a blessing?

People stop learning more knowledge because they are afraid of the pain of weakening knowledge.  People always suffer from knowing too little and thinking too much because the knowledge you have is not enough to answer your doubts, which is painful to be puzzled. Also, I think there might be some responsibilities that we have regarding acquiring knowledge because when people get to know more, they may think more. Knowledge is like a frame, an ethereal sentiment; some need to use experiences to let it become real.

Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

To answer the question of some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth, we need first define the word truth. The truth could be defined as “a fact or belief that is accepted as true.” Ways of knowing are what the thing sounds like, which could be defined as how knowledge appears to us. Therefore, the reasoning could be more lead to truth than other ways of knowing.

The reasoning could help build a logical thought or deduce that doesn’t rely on our commend sense or intuition. Also, reasoning allows us to combine what we have learned with the new thing we learned in our thinking process. For example, suppose you are sitting inside, but you will go out soon, and you see the sky outside through the window is cloudy, and there are many dark clouds. It can be inferred from this that it will rain soon, so you’d better take an umbrella with you when you go out. Therefore, when people use a logical way to deduce stuff, it may be more likely to lead to truth than other forms. Also, from the example, we can infer if we use an institution to judge whether it will rain or not, the institution may tell people that the clouds may clear away soon, so you don’t need an umbrella. Thus, people may get wet when they in outdoor.

(“Gif窗外的雨和树.” Gif窗外的雨和树 – 堆糖,美图壁纸兴趣社区,

However, some people may also think reasoning can’t be a way more likely to lead to truth, since, when people use reasoning as a way of knowing, people need to take it carefully, or else, the whole logical thoughts may go wrong. For example, if you are sitting inside but you will go outdoor soon, you can only see a little bit of sky since the opposite building obscures the window’s view. Thus, you only know some sunlight coming through the clouds and decide it’s not going to rain today. However, because you conclude without view the whole picture, it may lead to you the wrong truth. Although this kind of circumstances may occur in the process of knowing, it’s a sporadic occurrence, and it can be avoided if you take it carefully.

As a result, the reasoning is one way of knowing that more likely to lead to truth than other methods, by logical thinking and synthesis of the knowledge you have learned before and the experience you currently learn.


Princes and Dressmaker

The book I read was the Princes and Dressmaker, which is about a prince who likes to wear dresses and a little girl who becomes his dressmaker. The questions I want to ask to text are what the purpose of this text is, and why the author wants to make the context like this, since this kind of story was not followed with the social mainstream. This book was fit to my level and a little below my level. This is because the book I chose was a graphic novel. Also, I think the book’s main character could relate to my life since some of my friends are also facing the problem that they are a boy, but they like to wear dresses or make-up. I almost read the entire book, predicting that the boy and his family were reconciled at the end of the story. The thing that novel makes me realize would relate to the parents. In this graphic novel, in the end, the king, who is the parents of the princes, also wears the dress with his son to support his son, which makes me realize about parents are a group of people who loved you the most in the world. However, you might have some characteristics different from others. Your parents will tolerate them, too.

Introduce of myself

Hello, my name is Illo. Welcome to my blog. I’m an 11-grade student in ISB. During my free time, I like to take a nap, drinking milk tea, playing video games, and reading books. Also, I really enjoy traveling around different cities and countries.

(This photo was taken in Madrid.)

For the question of “What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? ”

I think when people know for sure to something it could be their beliefs, the fact they see by their eyes, or the thing that happen around them a lot of times.  For example, I’m known for sure I’m a Chinese, I’m known for sure I’m a 16years old student that studies in ISB, also I’m really sure I have a pet dog. I know that I’m Chinese because I grow up in China, and my parents are all Chinese people who speak Chinese as their first language. I know I’m 16 years old because I had been in this world for 16 years, and I know I’m a student of ISB since I go to ISB every school day. Moreover, I really like my pet dog, which is a white Shiba Inu, and I walk with him every day after dinner. I known for sure he is my dog because I feed him and I live together with him.

Day 4

Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share
Show your final product through photos and/or video

Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

I used the line lamp and the solar cell two things to make it. That I’m making those two line been stick together so that the line lamp will be powered by solar cell. And I put the line lamp in my pillow so it can make a fact which is when the solar cell have bright light the line lamp will be glow and make the pillow glowing.

Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

For the next time, I think I can have two things to improve. Frist is to make my pillow look more good. Because the is the first time I had been sewing stuff it might make the pillow have someplace not so perfect or make my process have a bit slow which make me have not much time for drawing on it. Also, the second thing is I want to improve on is the solar cell. I want to have something that can teal the light that can make the pillow glowing at night.
Explain the impact of this project on the environment and potential client/consumer.

So for my project is not really can have some environmental impact, it just because of sometimes when you on the plan or in train the servers or people besides you always let you clothes the window. But you want to read a book, or do your homework or make a painting, and you can’t open the light it will be so awkward. But if you have this pillow you can open a little bit of the widows or stick the solar cell on the light that your glow pillow will be work and then you can use it for light also a pillow.

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day 3

Take at least 2 pictures every class of your prototypes Show testing (through video)

Reflect on how the process is going
Gather feedback from others

My friends said if I can make the fabric of my pillow more strict it will fell greater to touch.

Show improvements to your design

By the time I heard his comments, I wasn’t quite done yet, so I made the more important parts of the back tighter
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