Street Photography


I chose this picture to be part of my portfolio because I think it really gives a strong feeling of nostalgy and loneliness. I also really liked how the fact of shooting through a dirty window gave that unique look




I chose this picture because I think that from all of my picture it is the one that best fits our theme (China past present and future). Mural in the back contrasted with the workers in the front is what makes the contrast between time so evident


This Picture represents, in my opinion, the best picture in my portfolio. It is well achieved in the technical aspect as well as the artistic one. It is a very good example of street photography because the viewer can perceive a story. I really like how the pillars in the front and back give a sense of symmetry and they also form a good framing for the subjects in the picture


I think this picture  is also a really good example of our theme since it shows how western culture is nowadays influencing the most traditional places here in Beijing


I took the picture while I was walking by this man and shot it while he was distracted, I like this picture because I think that it makes a good usage of the rule of thirds since the head of the subject is right in the middle



Dragon’s eye Photography Analysis

The ancient charm

by Jessica Shan

I saw this picture walking through the gallery for the Dragon’s eye event. This particular picture called my attention because I can relate a  lot to the opinions the author made to portray this place and the culture within it,

the photographer made a great job using lines to focus the attention of the viewer and In my opinion, this is the most noticeable technical skill in this photo

On the other side when talking about artistic skills, I really liked how the artist made the color red stand out

Stage 4-salt, copper, and zinc powered flashlight

Reflect and share

After different setups and a lot of tries the one that turned out to work the best and generate the most voltage looked like this.

The way this “salt battery” better known as an electrochemical cell works is. When metals suffer from an oxidation process they relieve energy when the zinc dissolves in the water this oxidation produce zinc ions which enter into the solution of salt and water, at the same time the copper ions win electrons


Stage 3-salt, copper, and zinc powered flashlight

Create and improve

At first, the plan was to use only one container of the water solution and, one copper and zinc plate, but the voltage was not enough to light up the LED, at this point, I knew that I was gonna need to redesign the whole body of the flashlight because it was designed for just one small water container but taking in count the circumstances I was going to need to fit more containers or find a way to add more containers,but  before I needed to see how I was gonna set up the cell to get the most voltage possible and the number of containers i was going to need




Stage 2- salt, copper, and zinc powered flashlight

Develop and Plan

THURSDAY: sketch a principal idea of how I wanted my project to be and make a list of the materials that will be required for the realization of this project

MONDAY: Build the body of the flashlight

WEDNESDAY: tests if the voltage of the cell will light up the LED

FRIDAY: fit all the electronics into the body 


Stage 1- salt, copper, and zinc powered flashlight

Define and Inquire

What is this engineering project?

create a toy that shows how chemical energy converts.

What are you thinking about doing?

A salt, copper, and zinc powered flashlight

ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Pros: the generate enough energy to light up whatever is connected

Cons: they are not very compact and they need two salt containers