I’m From

I’m from America,
I stand as a proud American citizen,
I’m from the warn sweet aroma
As my grandma bakes cookies.
sweet and fluffy as cotton-candy,
And the stuffed brown bear my older brother
Gave to me many years ago,
The bear’s softness,
A thousand feathers.

I’m from the doorways of the Church
Where I was baptized,
To my favorite picture book when I was 3,
From the fairytale stories and history
My dad read to me, as I lay in bed.

I’m from bones, muscles, and blood,
From growing up and learning,
To being more mature.
I’m from everyday experiences
From which lessons come forth to teach me.

I’m from the adventures
heroes and heroines go forth,
Using the courage they have
To solve problems
big and small.
I’m from the brush strokes on canvas
That makes beautiful images full of feeling,
I’m from the tumbling blocks that
Were lined and stacked in marvelous ways
To create original buildings

I’m from my mistakes
I’m proud to say,
They make me better stronger, smarter and well …
Some are embarrassing,
Others I’m like, “Why in the world did I do that?”
That was so stupid of me!
And from my mistakes and
My past experiences
grows wisdom.

I’m from me


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