The Giver Ending

Final response: paraphrase the ending of The Giver What’s your interpretation? Do you  like this ending? Why or why not? What alternative ending might you prefer?

I like The Giver‘s ending because it leaves mystery and confusion. When it leave mystery and confusion, it makes me think more about the story more and sometimes makes me want to read the sequel (if there is one). In the ending it sounds as if Jonas died, but on page 179, ” For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing.” In the society there never was singing (that they talked about), there also was never any singing in any of his memories. So when he was able to recognize this is the first time I’ve ever heard music, it shows that there may be a chance that he is found and saved. Which means that he may live with Gabriel. But that is up for debate, which I think makes the ending very good since it is a cliff hanger and makes people argue on how it ends. I don’t really think that there would be a better ending, since I liked this ending but a sequel about their new life, would be nice.

The Giver: The Importance of Pain

Pain is something most people don’t want to remember, but most of the time we learn something from it. Pain is an experience that is unpleasant which makes it stand out from our other memories and has us treasure our more happier memories more.

People are able to learn from pain since it’s unpleasant then we don’t want to repeat it, unless you are insane and have a problem in your head. But for the majority of people they don’t want to relive bad stuff. They want to forget it, and leave it alone. Mostly people are able to ignore the memories that they don’t want, since it is different but it takes time for people to forget it, because pain leaves a mark which can metaphorically be a scar. people who have experiences they don’t want to remember push it to the back of their mind, but they almost always learn a lesson, because they don’t want to go through it again.

In The Giver, there isn’t any pain and the emotions are very limited. There isn’t any real happiness or real pain. There can’t be any real emotions because you have to experience extremes of emotions, to really understand what the feeling is like. If you only have happiness you begin to think it’s normal, and don’t know pain. so you can’t call it happiness because it’s normal for you. But if you have only pain you also think it’s normal, since you don’t know what happiness is. When you have both you are able to contrast and compare the feelings and get a better more descriptive, meaningful explanation of what happiness is and what pain is.

When people are able to have an explanation of what happiness is and what pain is they are able to treasure and understand the meaning, of other emotions like pleasure, content, and bad ones people don’t like a lot, like jealously, anger, sadness and so forth.

In The Giver, in some ways it was good since people didn’t know what pain was, but because of that they weren’t able to understand many others, and miss lots of memories, since everything is the same. There isn’t anything different, so they think everything that they have is the same and this is how it is supposed to be. When people think that everything is a certain way, then there isn’t any reason to keep memories, and memories loose value since there isn’t anything different. Memories are remembered, because it is different than everything else, something makes it stand out.

Since people in The Giver society don’t know of pain so in a way it is good, that everything is the same. But with out pain there is nothing different, because when something changes there is normally someone or something that suffers. With no pain then the society doesn’t advance. To us, who are raised in different areas, with different experiences, and memories The Giver society is foolish. In some ways though it is a utopia, since there isn’t any pain, sorrow, war. But it can only e a utopia, since the society learned from the mistakes of the past, and made solutions so that it wouldn’t happen to them. It’s very stable, but with difference it can cause a huge problem.

In conclusion pain is important because we remember what was painful and how it changed our surroundings and life. Pain also helps us develop in to the people we are today, since the majority of us learn from our mistakes and don’t want to repeat it. With out pain we can’t become more, different, or anything more evolved.