The Giver Ending

Final response: paraphrase the ending of The Giver What’s your interpretation? Do you  like this ending? Why or why not? What alternative ending might you prefer?

I like The Giver‘s ending because it leaves mystery and confusion. When it leave mystery and confusion, it makes me think more about the story more and sometimes makes me want to read the sequel (if there is one). In the ending it sounds as if Jonas died, but on page 179, ” For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing.” In the society there never was singing (that they talked about), there also was never any singing in any of his memories. So when he was able to recognize this is the first time I’ve ever heard music, it shows that there may be a chance that he is found and saved. Which means that he may live with Gabriel. But that is up for debate, which I think makes the ending very good since it is a cliff hanger and makes people argue on how it ends. I don’t really think that there would be a better ending, since I liked this ending but a sequel about their new life, would be nice.

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