Ignite Week 2017-2018

In this Ignite week I created a cake of my design. My successes were the first cake that I completed with the layers, fondant, frosting, and design. My first challenge was when I was practicing the frosting, the bags were constantly breaking so I had to put it in another bag to practice with constantly. Some other challenges was during baking the cake was getting the measuring tools, because since there were so few measuring tool it was a struggle to find them, and get them from other students. Also another challenge was the ingredients, this was a challenge because we had a limited amount of resources and getting there first with measuring tools was very hard. I grew in my chosen L21 focus area, because during our brain storming I was creating different ideas for the cake, after combining other’s ideas. I can share this evidence because On my Pinterest post of where I got my ideas there aren’t any with the design I had on my cake or what I was aiming for. In the future I will be needing this skill because through out life I will need to be creative with different ideas of how to solve issues. With creativity I will have an easier time coming up with solutions. Also with cake baking I will be able to bake cakes as birthday presents for people.

Ingrid- Ignite Process Journal and Digital Exhibition 17-18

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