Science and Engineering Blogpost #4



Elastic potential energy is stored when the elastic band is wrapped around the axle. The more times the elastic band is wrapped around the axle the more potential energy there is. The axel is turned when the car is pulled backward. When released, the elastic band unwinds, thus making the axle and the wheels attached to the axle move as well. As the wheels move, most of the energy is transformed into kinetic energy, a very minute amount of the energy is transformed into thermal energy because of friction that is created when the axles and wheels turn. Once the elastic band has fully unwound, there is still momentum in the wheels as it carries further, so the car -itself- turns the axel in the opposite direction. When the car momentarily stops, as it catches itself, is the last part of where the potential energy is higher than the kinetic energy. The wheels catch themselves as the band won’t wrap itself any more around the axle. Thus the car is pulled back a little bit by the leftover kinetic energy.

I was successful in creating a product that is very effective, simple, and light. In the final product, there was almost no unnecessary weight to drag the car down. The cardboard in the final product is very light but very sturdy. There could possibly be more distance gained when the car moves, by the change in the length or type of elastic band chosen. An issue that arose while I made different prototypes was the rebound the car had; the car would go back after going forwards. In the final model, I was able to almost eliminate this through the usage of an elastic band rather than a rubber band.

There are some areas where I could improve this model. One is that the back left wheel (at the beginning of the video, the wheel that is fully in view in the top right corner) is wobbly, and not well connected. The connection between the wheels and the car should be stronger. A stronger base would probably be better too, as it would deduct the possibility of being broken. More time to hopefully be able to take out the rebound would have been better to make this product more efficient. I could have also made a top for this car, so it looks better and visual aesthetic for children.

If it were to be sold to a child though, it wouldn’t be as cool, flashy, or as small as other toy cars. But if it were in a pack in which the child would create the car I think it would do better, as it is very simple and straight forward. I believe that a child would also take more care of a toy and enjoy the toy longer, especially if they made it themselves, this is speaking from my own experience as a child.

Environmentally this would probably be sustainable, there are all kinds of different options one can choose to use to replace certain parts of the car. Most of the parts are very common and can be from recycled items. Also, this car doesn’t use any electrical energy, thus not producing any unwanted pollution. I would say though, that the wheels used to create the car, would be the hardest part for one to replace or use, as bottle caps aren’t very good as wheels. Overall this car is very versatile with the parts that are used to create it is very unique.

If this product was to be further I think that it would have a positive impact on the clients as when they begin building the cart, they would probably try out different methods and see how it changes the results of the cart. Along with the fact that the basic design is very simple, a lot of creativity is allowed for the kids to add on what they want. Overall I think that this would be a very good and fun opportunity for young children to try out and play around with the car.

Science and Engineering Blogpost #3

Day 1


First prototype: It did not move forward as there was no traction on the wheels. I came to the conclusion that this was as there was no weight pushing down the wheels. When the weights were added, the cart moved more than when there wasn’t weight.

Second prototype:

From the previous trials, I came to the conclusion that possibly it was the result of the wheels not being good enough. I put in small wheels that had traction, were bigger, and actually meant to be used in this sense. I also thought, that if small metal rods that would be used to connect the wheels would run more efficiently as there would be less friction between the metal and the straw. This idea did not work as the rubber band had no grip on the metal rod. Even with glue, the grip was very weak, which resulted in no movement.

Third prototype:

I went back to using wooden skewers as the axle. I still used the rubber band to build up the tension. After getting some feedback from other people, I was able to come to the conclusion that the cart could go further. There was another issue that was brought to light: the car would go backward after it went forward. I was unsure of how to fix this issue, so I build a pulley system that would pull up when pulled back but would drop once the car began to move forward. This system was very complicated, fragile, and malfunctioning often. With time running out I decided to try a different approach to the issue. I asked my teacher who gave me the idea that possible it was the rubber band that was causing this issue. With this in mind, I decided to focus on the rubber band and how it dictated how the car moved.

I’m not one hundred percent sure of why the rubberband would continuously have the car go backward, but I came to the conclusion that there was so much tension that was built up in the band when released it created the force to pull the car forward. But often there was a lot of energy created so the momentum would keep the car moving forward, which would then rewind the band. Once the band would reach its limit it would propel the car backward. Though with this explanation I’m still confused as to why the first prototype (when the weights were added) did not go back as well. I think that it didn’t go backward because there wasn’t enough force or tension.

Fourth prototype:

This prototype was more of an accident in the way that it came about. I was using a little bit of elastic band to push down a stopper in the pulley (from the third prototype.) When I began to fiddle with the elastic band, which gave me the idea that possibly the elastic band could replace the rubber band. I also made the skewer smaller so the wheels would be closer to the body. This prototype is the most efficient one, as it goes the furthest, the fastest and is very resilient.


This is a video that shows the prototypes that I created.

Final thoughts/Reflection: I think that the first prototype was a very naive approach to this project, as I only looked at three similar creations other people did. I don’t think though that it added much to the later on prototypes though. The second prototype was a better starting position than the first prototype. The third prototype by far was the most tedious on out of all the prototypes; it was very confusing, not well planned, very different than what my original plan was, and took a very long time to create despite there being no benefit of it. The fourth is what I would also like to consider as my final product as it is the most efficient prototype that I created in this time limit. I still think there are areas where I could do more though to improve it, I would need to do more research on what other people have done and compare the results. Also, I’m a little saddened by the fact that I was unable to create a top for the car.

Science and Engineering Blogpost #2



  • Focus on the bottom
  • Begin to cut the wood/cardboard
  • Put the bottom section together
  • Test if possible


  • Continue working on the bottom
    • Test if it works
  • Put the top section together at the end of class (10-15 minutes to do so)


  • Last minute add ons
    • Add details to the top part of the car
  • Connect the top section with the bottom section
  • anything left over


-Bottle caps (4)

-Straws (2)


-Rubber Bands (3 different types to see which is better)

-Paperclip (1)

Skewers(2)/toothpicks(around 6)


-Hot glue

-tape (duck tape) not sure about this one.


Models of the product:



Science and Engineering Blogpost #1

Define and Inquire

This engineering task is where we make a product that transfers, converts energy, a device to learn physics, or take a renewable energy source and convert it to electrical energy. Currently, I’m thinking about several different ideas of toys that could convert energy; like a wind-up train, or the toy cars that you pull back to build up tension in the springs.

                                                 Related image                                       

There are a few cons in this idea, as it is already created and I would need to make changes if I wanted to. I could make a robot that moves its arms to perform a task. I could also make it out of recycled stuff too/trash. Instead of having as a wind-up toy, it could be run by a rubber band, or could more with enough force of the wind.

Build a Rubber Band–Powered Car


Another idea is a hot air balloon, for physics that shows convection. There would be a small candle, on the bottom plate (hot glued). there would be strings/something to connect the hot air balloon with the cloth that would bring it up. The hard part about this would be finding the cloth, and finding a way so it doesn’t catch fire, but also works. Finding a material that is light enough to do the work, a good design, and time management will be problems. There are a few other problems with using a hot air balloon, so I don’t think I’ll do this one.

I could also make a wind turbine and make it into electrical energy. This would be by having large pieces of something that would be able to collect wind and have it connected to an engine, the engine would be connected to a light bulb to show the electrical energy. An example of what it looks like is in this video:

“A wind turbine captures the wind to produce energy. The wind makes the rotor spin; as the rotor spins, the movement of the blades drives a generator that creates energy. The motion of the wind turbine turning is called kinetic energy, this power is converted into electricity.”


I think that though, with the wind turbine, I couldn’t really test it much in class- I’m not sure if there is a fan. But also I’m not sure if anyone else would do this same idea too. But, there are a lot of pros with this it would very much meet the standards, and I could possibly look at real wind turbines to see how I could modify them to a smaller scale. But this would also be a con because I wouldn’t really know much of these things and I would be going into a completely new area of knowledge.

Swimming Unit Reflection

In this unit the students, chose a stroke or still in swimming that they wanted to work on or learn. Through out the unit, students would get to chose different skills to work on at a time. In this unit, I wanted to work on my Breast Stroke, diving, and flip turns.

In the beginning of the unit we made SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. My SMART goal was to be able to enter the water with a dive, then smoothly transition into free style, and at the end be able to do a flip turn, and transition back into freestyle. These two things would also help improve my time for free style, which was included in my goal. Not only that but my SMART goal also included to improve my breast stroke.

At the end of the unit I was able to add the dive and flip turn to free style. This is shown in the beginning of the first video of freestyle; in which I began in the water and stopped at the wall to turn for swimming back. In the group of videos that was taken I started out side of the water and dived in with a smooth transition into freestyle, and doing a flip turn. In free style I was able to keep my chin down which helped decrease drag and decrease time. Also from the high intensity training I was also able to build up more endurance, and stay swim free style longer.

Part of my goal was to work on the breast stroke. In the breast stroke I was able to work on keeping my head down, when I pull my arms back. In the beginning of the unit, that was shown in the first breast stroke video, when I pulled my arms to my chest I lifted my head and looked ahead of myself thus making it harder for me to swimming because of the drag. By the end of the unit I was able to keep my head down when I pulled my arms back.

I think that my biggest change was freestyle, because the dive and turn took a lot less time than what I originally did, which was start in the water and stopping on the other side of the pool before pushing off again. Also with the skill of keeping my head down when I swim I was minimize the movement of my body which would help me go through the water quicker, which made my body more in line which decrease drag and made me faster. If I was to continue working on this I would want to make my breast stroke kick better and increase my speed and skill in breast stroke, since in this unit I mostly focused on free style.

In conclusion this unit I was able to improve my time in free style by adding diving and flip turns, and I was also able to improve a little bit of my breast stroke.

Ignite Week 2017-2018

In this Ignite week I created a cake of my design. My successes were the first cake that I completed with the layers, fondant, frosting, and design. My first challenge was when I was practicing the frosting, the bags were constantly breaking so I had to put it in another bag to practice with constantly. Some other challenges was during baking the cake was getting the measuring tools, because since there were so few measuring tool it was a struggle to find them, and get them from other students. Also another challenge was the ingredients, this was a challenge because we had a limited amount of resources and getting there first with measuring tools was very hard. I grew in my chosen L21 focus area, because during our brain storming I was creating different ideas for the cake, after combining other’s ideas. I can share this evidence because On my Pinterest post of where I got my ideas there aren’t any with the design I had on my cake or what I was aiming for. In the future I will be needing this skill because through out life I will need to be creative with different ideas of how to solve issues. With creativity I will have an easier time coming up with solutions. Also with cake baking I will be able to bake cakes as birthday presents for people.

Ingrid- Ignite Process Journal and Digital Exhibition 17-18

The Giver Ending

Final response: paraphrase the ending of The Giver What’s your interpretation? Do you  like this ending? Why or why not? What alternative ending might you prefer?

I like The Giver‘s ending because it leaves mystery and confusion. When it leave mystery and confusion, it makes me think more about the story more and sometimes makes me want to read the sequel (if there is one). In the ending it sounds as if Jonas died, but on page 179, ” For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing.” In the society there never was singing (that they talked about), there also was never any singing in any of his memories. So when he was able to recognize this is the first time I’ve ever heard music, it shows that there may be a chance that he is found and saved. Which means that he may live with Gabriel. But that is up for debate, which I think makes the ending very good since it is a cliff hanger and makes people argue on how it ends. I don’t really think that there would be a better ending, since I liked this ending but a sequel about their new life, would be nice.

Roller Coaster

I can’t believe it’s so warm in Florida during winter! I thought quietly while we wandered around Islands of Adventure. The air was hot and sticky as we navigated through the crowd of people. People bussed around us like flies, except they wore all kinds of colors. Most wore red with thing 1 or 2 encased in a white circle with black out lining it. It was like a sea of fish. We began to make our way across a white bridge when water sprayed Mom.

“EKK!” she quietly screeched flinching at the touch of the water. Other people were doing the same thing Mom was doing. I observed while trying to contain my giggles. Boy! I’m glad that I wasn’t sprayed. Then my eyes caught sight of something amazing!

I turned around hoping not to miss it. Several rows of seats darted up wars. I could see arms waving around. I also hear people screaming excitedly as their legs dangled down not toughing anything except air.

“Look!” I shouted pulling Mom and Evan closer to the edge. Jabbing my finger out as another cart dived beneath us and under the bridge into the white mist.

My eyes tracked the cart as it went along the track.

“Can we go on it?” I began to beg, ”Please…”

“I don’t think so…’cause I mean like… like   um … see? The line is too long!” Evan interjected while fumbling over the words like someone who’s learning another language. We bickered till…

“You two are both going! Including you Evan! You need to be more adventurous!” Mom interjected.

“But…” Evan began.

“No!’’ Mom interrupted, “You’re both going! I’ll stay and hold the stuff that can come off very easily.”

Mom then ordered Evan to take off his glasses and told us to behave as usual, she continued, but all I heard was blah, blah and more blahs. She then pointed at the entrance and ordered us to have fun. I thought that fun was when you did something thrilling that you knew was super stupid and crazy. So how could some one be ordered to have fun? I mean like… come on! That doesn’t compute!

We strolled in to the line for people who wanted to go in as a group with a friend/s. I I’m proud to say that I was in front of Evan for once! Because normally is better than me and always getting better scores so… bet that Evan! The line was so long! It zig zagged around to save space. Big screens were hanging on some of the black pillars. Oh! Did I mention that it was dark? Well if I did, this is a reminder. It was dark, but not SO dark that you couldn’t see just that there wasn’t much light. Anyways back to the screens they were displaying some sort of comic book character that was doing something weird and boyish using girl terms.

When we were able to see the cart I got super excited. I tried to get a good peek at it, but since I was so short! I had a hard time because pretty much everyone in front of my brother and me were a lot taller. They seemed to be teenagers.

“Do you want to be in the front?” a tall plump man dresses in a blue uniform inquired us as we stopped in front of a small wooden desk.

“No thank you,” I stuttered eagerly looking at the coaster.

“Okay… please go to line 3,”he sighed. That must be a really boring job I must say… or in this case think. He was pointing to a line of a few people and behind them was a big 3 painted on the floor with ropes separating the line from the others.

We scuttled to the back of the line. While we waited we saw that the line for the front was really lone, it was making a huge curve along the wall, and it wasn’t moving very fast. The other lines were straight and shorter. My eyes quickly darted back to the front and we were near. We’ll be next! Yay!

When we got on, I was on the far side to the left Evan was next to me. They told us to buckle up, the buckles were kind of complicated but I figured it out. Assistants walk from the front to back checking the seat buckles but pulling on them and helping the people that couldn’t figure it out (that’s how I figured it out, I watched what she did when she helped someone else.)

Once every seat belt was check I felt a jolt. As the carts moved forward at a normal pace I heard the track. I heard people in the front screaming as I felt the cart I was on even then lurched downwards. I don’t know how you would describe this, but it was tremendously thrilling! I fell like… well… That actually a good question how WOULD you describe it.

Wind rushes pass me as we raced downward taking a sharp turn to the left. I looked and I saw a big fence and the ground with grass painted on it with one or two patches of dirt.

“WOOHOO!” screamed Evan with both his arms flailing up above his head. Soon after I put my hands up I was smiling and screaming along. We flipped, turned, and it did loopy loops. The ride was exhilarating! Soon I saw the white bridge and I was able to pin point my mother on the bridge, as we raced under the bridge I felt a fog encase all of the carts. Only we were encased for a few seconds before we emerged into the light. I began to feel that the carts were slowing down. We enter in to the place where we had gotten on as we quaked to a stop. You think that after all the money they would get they would try to light this place up ‘cause it’s STILL dark! But it has some light from the sun.

After the ride was done we had to unbuckle our seat belts. The problem was that I was having so much fun on the roller coaster that I forgot how to buckle and unbuckle the seat belt. An assistant came by to help people and sadly I was one of them. After we were escorted out Evan and I began to look for Mom. Then I spotted her.

“Mom!” I yelled as I pulled Evan along with me as I made my way to her.

“Oh! There you two are how was it?” Mom questioned us as she jerked her head in our direction.

“AMAZING!” we both answered in unison.

“We have to go on the next one we see immediately Mom,” I stated as we began to walk away.

“Okay,” Mom replied.

“Hey look there is one!” Evan interjected pointing at another ride. I don’t know about you but now that I think about it… curiosity does lead to adventure. And if I ever see a roller coaster again if we are ever in another amusement park I’ll be the first to hop on… that is if I can bet my brother!

I’m From

I’m from America,
I stand as a proud American citizen,
I’m from the warn sweet aroma
As my grandma bakes cookies.
sweet and fluffy as cotton-candy,
And the stuffed brown bear my older brother
Gave to me many years ago,
The bear’s softness,
A thousand feathers.

I’m from the doorways of the Church
Where I was baptized,
To my favorite picture book when I was 3,
From the fairytale stories and history
My dad read to me, as I lay in bed.

I’m from bones, muscles, and blood,
From growing up and learning,
To being more mature.
I’m from everyday experiences
From which lessons come forth to teach me.

I’m from the adventures
heroes and heroines go forth,
Using the courage they have
To solve problems
big and small.
I’m from the brush strokes on canvas
That makes beautiful images full of feeling,
I’m from the tumbling blocks that
Were lined and stacked in marvelous ways
To create original buildings

I’m from my mistakes
I’m proud to say,
They make me better stronger, smarter and well …
Some are embarrassing,
Others I’m like, “Why in the world did I do that?”
That was so stupid of me!
And from my mistakes and
My past experiences
grows wisdom.

I’m from me