Swimming Unit Reflection

In this unit the students, chose a stroke or still in swimming that they wanted to work on or learn. Through out the unit, students would get to chose different skills to work on at a time. In this unit, I wanted to work on my Breast Stroke, diving, and flip turns.

In the beginning of the unit we made SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. My SMART goal was to be able to enter the water with a dive, then smoothly transition into free style, and at the end be able to do a flip turn, and transition back into freestyle. These two things would also help improve my time for free style, which was included in my goal. Not only that but my SMART goal also included to improve my breast stroke.

At the end of the unit I was able to add the dive and flip turn to free style. This is shown in the beginning of the first video of freestyle; in which I began in the water and stopped at the wall to turn for swimming back. In the group of videos that was taken I started out side of the water and dived in with a smooth transition into freestyle, and doing a flip turn. In free style I was able to keep my chin down which helped decrease drag and decrease time. Also from the high intensity training I was also able to build up more endurance, and stay swim free style longer.

Part of my goal was to work on the breast stroke. In the breast stroke I was able to work on keeping my head down, when I pull my arms back. In the beginning of the unit, that was shown in the first breast stroke video, when I pulled my arms to my chest I lifted my head and looked ahead of myself thus making it harder for me to swimming because of the drag. By the end of the unit I was able to keep my head down when I pulled my arms back.

I think that my biggest change was freestyle, because the dive and turn took a lot less time than what I originally did, which was start in the water and stopping on the other side of the pool before pushing off again. Also with the skill of keeping my head down when I swim I was minimize the movement of my body which would help me go through the water quicker, which made my body more in line which decrease drag and made me faster. If I was to continue working on this I would want to make my breast stroke kick better and increase my speed and skill in breast stroke, since in this unit I mostly focused on free style.

In conclusion this unit I was able to improve my time in free style by adding diving and flip turns, and I was also able to improve a little bit of my breast stroke.