Science journal 2


Defining the Problem

  • You define the specific goal of your polymer project
  • You describe your target audience
  • You describe the problems that will be solved by creating your polymer
  • You explain which specific polymer characteristics from the different base polymers will work best for your design problem.


  • Your writing is clear and concise with few grammar errors
  • You use scientific terminology
  • You create multimedia that suits the post and presented my information in a way that clearly explained my topic.
  • Your blog post demonstrated a sound ability to meet the publishing standards for a blog post, including a clear title with “Polymer Journal #”, a category of “Science,” and tags


Our Specific Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to …



Target Market Audience

Some Examples:


Parents with small kids





Teachers/Businessmen/Shop Owners

Pet Owners


Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:


Adults, parent with small kids To fix their furniture or add design to make furniture looks better.
Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience

Teachers To fix their class materials.


Using Observations of Base Polymers


*Gloop, Super Slime, Boogers, Oobleck, Goobers


Polymer Characteristics We Like for Our Polymer Why this is important
Gloop Sticky Our polymer should stuck at furniture
Super Slime Isn’t sticky after few minutes After we stuck our polymer at furniture it should not be sticky
Boogers  None  
Oobleck None   
Goobers None   


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