Almost, Maine – Exploring the text

  1. A title of this script is a simple place name Almost, Maine. Title doesn’t includes includes lot of informations except the location that script is going to develop in Almost, Maine. I think author chose this short descriptive word to get attention from readers.
  2. Topic of this script Almost, Maine is group of common lifetime and love stories. One of the setting of this book which is very important that all the acts and stories continues inside Almost, Maine.
  3. This story take me in to the scenes in the script by a dialogue full of movement.
  4. The author ended the story by using the female main character find outs how kiss is such a good thing and wants to do with male main character.
  5. What is the author’s attitude toward the subject of the play? Almost, Maine is a compound of lot of short stories happening is Almost, Maine in one day. He adds all the script together


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