Revolutionary Voices Journal

This journal shows the start of the Syrian Civil War. The main character is the middle of the event and it shows the boys decisions during the revolution. If you read the journal you will understand the sequence of revolution to cilvil war. I wanted to show a sequence of Cilvil War in one boys site who was rebel army and White Helmets.

“Syrian Revolution” in Simple English

This Someone who want’s to know about Syrian Revolution happening in Syria should watch this video. When you see this video you will gather every informations about the Syrian Revolution, why the revolution started, how did it progressed and what is happening now.

This video is about a revolution still progressing at Syria. Steve, Brian and I gathered many information about Syria Revolution and we arranged the sequence of the revolution

Something doesn’t change


By Addy Ferguson


“Often bullies pick on others because they look down on other people.” (BULLYING with WORDS 12)

“Studies have found out that kids with disabilities are nearly three times more likely to be bullied than are kids who do not have disabilities.”¬†(BULLYING with WORDS 10)

“The bully may feel he can pick on these types of people because no one will stand up for them” (BULLYING with WORDS 11)


Those sentences are all from the book “BULLYING with WORDS”.¬†This book is about the types of bullying, effects of bullying, and how to solve bullying. By reading this book we can gather a new information about bullying.But if we look this sentences in different point, maybe we can find another truth reading this book. These three sentences show the reality about what is happening to peoples with disabilities. The book says that the targets of bullying are people who bullies consider inferior to them. Also kids who have disabilities are nearly three times more likely to be bullied than someone who isn’t. If we combine these two facts and opinions we can know that bullies think kids who have disabilities are lower than them, which leads to bullies thinking that they can look down on them. We can also know who the easiest targets are for bullies: someone who doesn’t have people stand up, help or fight for them. From this, we can make one conclusion: the understanding and treatment about disabilities aren’t equitable and righteous, and that’s why people with disabilities are bullied. From know on, we should realise the problems and try to solve the problems of the people with disabilities.

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