November 19

Parent Interview

My parents were born around 1970-1980, and they were both born in the countryside. It is very difficult to acquire knowledge at such a poorer age. The only way to learn new things is through paper books. These books are usually distributed through schools, and the books are what they use to learn to acquire knowledge at school.

In my parents’ extracurricular time, they would pass the time by reading martial arts novels that were very popular in China at the time. My dad said that reading martial arts novels at that time helped him a lot in learning Chinese. He learned a lot of new words by reading extracurricular books. Moreover, they did not have very good experimental equipment at that time, so they could only gain knowledge by doing some simple experiments. My father said that the experiment is still very simple now, but in the social environment at that time, it was very lucky to be able to do the experiment.

Since most of my parent’s studies are based on books and notes on paper, influenced by the way of learning knowledge in the past, even now my mom prefers to use pen and paper instead of using a computer to take notes.

Compare with ISB, my parents’ age is more focused on physical objects such as books instead of the Internet. And now most of the learning is to use computers, search engines, the Internet, etc., which is more diverse.

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October 23

Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

Different people have different thinking on which ways of knowing can be the best lead to truth. In my own opinion, I think reason and intuition are more likely than others to lead to truth. Truth is hard to be defined. Most people define truth as something people accept and believe in. This shows fact is a part of the truth, so I chose reason because you need evidence to prove something is a fact. But belief can also represent the truth, thus making me choose intuition as my second way of knowing.

Reason and intuition are more likely than others to lead to the truth since they all have some logic. To make something reasonable, you must have numerous evidences to support your claim or why you think this is the truth. For example, police or detective use the clues to identify who is likely to be the murder, and they are going to have a list of suspects. Similar to this, to prove a scientific equation, people need to do thousands of experiments to have the evidence so that this result is reasonable. This is how the reason leads to the fact. Intuition is similar to the reason. Intuition isn’t just guessing. It has a sort of way to do with people’s facial expressions, actions; it can even relate to psychology. For example, when a child had something stolen, the teacher asked the class who had stolen it. At that moment, who was more nervous, giving the teacher’s gut feeling that it might have been him, which relates to the belief.

Although reason and intuition might have evidence to support, the evidence can be fake or misleading people to make wrong decisions, which means they went to an opposite way of truth. A wrong judgment can change a person’s life. For example, if the police use faulty physical evidence, they may put an innocent person in prison. Or a criminal case where there is no evidence and only a polygraph detects that a suspect is lying, but the suspect is innocent. He’s probably just nervous, leading to a wrongful conviction. Neither case turns out to be the real truth.

In conclusion, from all seven ways of knowing, I believe reason and intuition are more likely than others to lead to truth. Although everyone has different definitions for truth, both reason and intuition have shortcomings. It is just the way it is: nothing can perfectly lead to truth.

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October 22

Reflection of Reading 1

My book is “All the Light We Cannot See”
Through the reading, I learned a lot about World War II, I am really interested in the structure of the book, there are two main characters but they have their individual part, I want to know what is the name of this kind of structure.
This novel is also very detailed about the impact of World War II on France and Germany, it has some magical colors in the novel, which is very fascinating.
The text doesn’t really connect to my personal level, since most of the content is relates to the war, but I think that in the process of reading this novel, it helped me better understand the history of World War II, what it looks like. How did people face the war and how they lived.
For the follow-up plot, I think these two separate characters may meet one day and carry out this story together because although telling the story from different aspects is interesting, it is too scattered and it makes the reader feel tired.
This novel has taught me how to use words to describe things in detail, and by reading this novel, I have learned a lot of words that I have never seen before and are not commonly used before, which has improved my vocabulary.

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September 10

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it

What you see with your eyes is not necessarily the whole. If you want to know something for sure, you must confirm it repeatedly and have evidence to be truly sure.

I am pretty sure my name is James Long, I am 16 years old now, and I am a boy. How do I know these? Because biologically speaking, I am indeed a male and 16 years old. My dad gave me both the Chinese and English names. He picked my English name randomly. I know it because he told me, so there is actually no special meaning in my name.

Some information about my family: I got one older sister and one younger brother. I know it because I live with them. I saw in which way my little brother grow up. I can tell how he became more knowledgeable.

Another thing I know for sure is I am a hardworking person. There might be some subjective factors, but I know this is sure because what I did on this summer vacation was not deceptive and was not in vain. I learned a lot of math during the summer vacation, I preview most of the math units, and when I finally started the IB Math AI HL, it became easier for me.

To sum up, I believe that anything that can be “know for sure” must have one or more evidence to support the statement. However, I also believe that there will be subjective factors in things that we know for sure, which leads to less accurate judgment.

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January 22

Engineering Project Post 4

As a summary, my project vacuum cleaner gives the motor energy from the power supplied by the battery, so the motor turns the spiral and turns into a burst of suction, which becomes kinetic energy. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner can suck in a small dust.

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January 21

Engineering Project Post 3

I followed my plan, I find all the materials at first class. At the second class, I got battery and motor with propeller connected together. Third class, I put the motor with propeller inside the bottle. Last class, I finally finished all the things, here is the video.


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January 11

Engineering Project Post2

This is the sketch of my small vacuum cleaner

My materials are rubber tube, small bottle, big bottle, small motor, propeller

First class: Find all the materials I need

Second class: Finish the shell of vacuum cleaner

Third class: Fix the battery on the outside, and put the motor with propeller inside

Last class: Get the rubber tube on the vacuum cleaner, then test the vacuum cleaner to see if everything works

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December 13

Engineering Project Post1

Vacuum cleaner

It starts with electrical energy to get propeller on, then it changes to kinetic energy to get dust into the bottle.

I wanted to do this project because I thought it was very creative and not very difficult

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