• Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely than Others to Lead to Truth?

    Within the theory of knowledge, there are eight ways of knowing and acknowledging information/truth. People often use a combination of all methods to acknowledge the truth; however, a group of religious people may argue the opposite by their faith in god. Language Sense Perception Emotion Reason Imagination Intuition Memory Faith Under different circumstances and situations, […]

  • Theatre 1
  • Character & scene Analysis

    My group choose the play “Controlling Destiny” which had three female characters, Patty, Allison and Julie. The three of them are three friends who went out to the beach on a frosty morning to write a letter/list. They wish by sending the letter/list in a secured bottle and throw it into the sea, will help […]

  • Theatre 1
  • PJ Entry for theatre

    What were some of the significant activities in improvisation and what did you learn from them? (you choose the ones that actually taught you something) What did you do that was NEW to you or CHALLENGED you in some way? (if it was new, please make sure to say what you got from this -OR- make sure […]

  • Design
  • Engineering Project – Reflect and Share #4

    link of the video: https://isbtube.isb.bj.edu.cn/video/Engineering-Project-Jennifer/15a75170efe0d168f9740831dc5e7b8c To use this toy, you start by putting a marble(smaller than 3cm in diameter, larger than 0.5 cm in diameter) in the trigger handle. Pulling the bottom of the trigger handle will gain elastic potential energy due to the rubber band attached at the bottom of the handle. As you release […]