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Ever had a chess master in short story? In “The Rules of Game” by Amy Tan, the protagonist, Waverly, is a chess master, in her descriptions I understand the characterization of Waverly. She and I are alike.

Waverly, is a fully developed character. Waverly, is full of energy, “Each morning before school, my mother would twist and yank on my thick black hair until she had formed two tightly wound pigtails”   (Tan 2). Tightly wound pigtails give me an automatic message that she is full of energy everyday, as if her pigtails are short and it would wiggle as much as the amount of energy Waverly have. So I think Waverly is a person full of energy. Also I  think Waverly is very focus girl when she plays chess. Once in a local tournament, she blocked out everything that could possible distract her: “As I began to play, the boy disappeared, the color ran out of the room, and I saw only my white pieces and his black ones waiting on the other side” (Tan 7).To keep herself 100% concentrate in the tournament, she blocks out everything except the chess board and pieces, only by the age of eight! This concentration she has, created her success in chess. Along with her success, her mother is very proud of her, her mother talks to whoever that looks at her and says, “‘This is my daughter Waverly Jong’” (Tan 9). This shows that her mother is very pleased that Waverly scores well in the tournaments, while being very supportive to let Waverly continue playing chess.

Waverly and I are similar when we compete. Waverly competes chess, I compete sailing. When I compete, I don’t notice lots of things too! I wouldn’t know if I’m cold or starving or not having enough energy, I would not notice anything except sailing. All of what I’m thinking is how to get faster, how to avoid slowing down, which way is the fastest route… This special part of me is what I think I’m similar to Waverly, we are both super focus when we are in a competition or a tournament.

That’s Waverly, the focused chess master, and me, the focus sailor


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  1. caterina.zhang says: Reply

    You compared yourself to Waverly. Although you and Waverly have different hobbies but you both have the same spirit and are hardworking. I can also relate to you and Waverly as I also work hard to achieve my goals.

  2. Ben Bailey says: Reply

    Hi Jennifer. Wow, this is a really good written piece. I had no idea you did competitive sailing, and that is really cool how you and Waverly are similar in that way. I guess when I am playing competitive Aussie-Rules Football, I don’t notice a lot of things as well, I only really notice, for example, where the ball is, where my team mates are and if I am running fast enough. So yeah, I guess I am similar to you two as well.

  3. Ben Bailey says: Reply

    Also, what else are you two similar with??

    1. jennifer.zhang says: Reply

      I don’t really know, maybe our personalities of working towards our goal, will be part of it. Other than that, I don’t think we have any more similarities.

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