Engineering Project – Reflect and Share #4

link of the video:

To use this toy, you start by putting a marble(smaller than 3cm in diameter, larger than 0.5 cm in diameter) in the trigger handle. Pulling the bottom of the trigger handle will gain elastic potential energy due to the rubber band attached at the bottom of the handle. As you release the grip, the elastic potential energy will change into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy helps the marble to shoot up to the top of the platform. Because the platform is set at an angle, so the higher the marble is the more gravitational potential energy it will gain. As the marble is shot up to the top, it increases more gravitational potential energy. When the marble hits the blocker at the top, the gravitational potential energy converts into kinetic energy, and the marble rolls to the bottom of the toy with kinetic energy.


Successful Areas:

  • It is working like I had imagined
  • The change of using wood for some part of my product helps to improve my product in durability
  • Using hot glue gun as my adhesive efficiently help my product to function


Possible areas for improvement:

  • A  plastic cover over the platform, so the marble will be in total control
  • maybe considering covering the product with cardboard so it will be visually appealing at all angles
  • Add more little tricks to the game so it will be more interesting to play
  • adjust the measurements between the little wooden stick on the platform so the marble won’t get stuck sometimes


Impact on the environment and the potential client/ consumer:

  • Mostly made out of cardboard – reusing resources
  • Creating homemade toy that people can enjoy during parties, playdays…

The product is mainly made out of cardboard which is reusing resources when in our daily lives many other products are packaged in cardboard. Most of that cardboard is not appropriately recycled and making toys like my product helps to reuse the resource and change it to a product with different usage.

By creating these homemade toys like my product can help strengthen the relationship between parents and children during the building process, and children can enjoy the toy with their friends to help them socialize as well!

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