PJ Entry for theatre

  1. What were some of the significant activities in improvisation and what did you learn from them? (you choose the ones that actually taught you something)
  2. What did you do that was NEW to you or CHALLENGED you in some way? (if it was new, please make sure to say what you got from this -OR- make sure to say how or why it challenged you)
  3. What did you do that SUPPORTED your current knowledge or CONFIRMED/REINFORCED something you already knew? (make the connection for me. How did it support or confirm?)
  4. CONNECT the improv unit to your current theatre/acting practice or something outside of the theatre. (what connections can you make and what is the result of that connection in your learning?)


  1. I think some of the most significant activities in improvisation is the one with two chairs and two people go up there and create a scene with a starting line provided. Also, the bench activity right after and the search engine that knows everything. These three activities are the ones I remembered the most. The chair activity with a starting line to create a scene one, this activity made me realize how important it is to react fast to the scene, to think of ideas quickly in order for the scene to continue. If I don’t develop this ability, I can only follow the ideas of other people, repeating the same thing, not able to create something of my own. It also made me realize, even though I was trying to keep myself away from my shyness, but deep inside of me, I was still that girl who is frustrated, shy, don’t know what to do. Nevertheless, I still made it, and “survived” it through!!! The other two activities were the ones that made me comfortable on this class, the activity was easy but still requires you think fast on what you are going to say. It’s like magic, that after these two activities, I don’t feel as much fear towards presenting than before. In these two activities, I also found a way to make myself relax and clam, which helped me to not be panicking inside me heart. (it’s just swigging my legs )
  2. The activity where we need to shout out different kinds of claims, it’s a new thing to me. No one had ever asked me to do something like that, so I felt pretty weird at the beginning. The activity was at the beginning of the course, I tried to let myself out, but all I felt was embarrassment. L I didn’t felt I can act as free as I am now, so this activity was more of a challenge than a learning activity.
  3. I know that I need to develop the skill of fast reaction, and through the activity mentioned in the first part I found my ways to relax and clam myself. So during class, I used my method to relax and clam myself down. When I’m relaxed, I often think and react better to different situations. By this way, it help me develop the skill fast reaction.
  4. As improv helps me to fasten my reaction time towards different situations and help to become relaxed in unknown situations. I found myself more confident outside class as well. It helped me with my public speaking skills as I become more confident in my abilities to react. In my other classes, the most I fear is having to do presentations. Though recently, I just finished one presentation, and my feedback from my teacher was I was very confident during presentation. This is the kind of comment that I had never imagined my teacher would give me. I had barely place myself into the category of confidence in school. I guess this is just the first step of more success! In theatre, I do feel much more relax and free during any of our practices as well. I guess confidence played a big role as well. J

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