PJ Entry – Final Acting Scene Critical Analysis

We went through the play several times with different intentions, sometimes we are focusing on getting the memorization of the lines right; sometimes we are focusing on designing the staging and actions that we have; sometimes we try to puzzle together what we have individually to support each other as an ensemble; sometimes we are applying the feedback from our mentoring group, and figuring out what could possibly change or improve.


  • What steps did YOU take to insure you had the best possible scene to present?


For me, one of the obstacles was the memorizations of the lines. when I first memorized the lines, I memorized my lines as fragments of the play. I did not know when and where my fragments of lines should go within the play, whose line do I speak after, what’s my line at a certain place… So, after several trails of memorizing the orders of the line, I tried another method — recording the lines of my partners and filling it out with my own lines afterwards. This method worked for me, as only after one or two trials I’ve got most of the lines memorized in the right order. After practices like this, during practice, I can sometimes even recall my partners’ lines when they have forgotten.


  • What was your rehearsal process like?

For our group, we barely had one rehearsal that we didn’t pause in the middle. We either pause for some suggestion to each other or to have a peek at our script for our missing line. We also tried to apply the feedback from our mentoring group, but we kept on forgetting their suggestion.


  • After viewing your scene, did you meet your “INTENTION and IMPACT”?

Yes, I think we did. We did portrait three teenage girls dreaming about their destiny, and through our characters, we hope that the audience would reflect upon themselves about their life and destiny. However, one of the improvement is that we can cover it the gap of our forgotten line to make it look smooth and the audience cannot notice our mistake.

  • How did your rehearsal process help or hinder your final piece?

Yes, without practice nothing like our final performance would come out. And with Julie and Jessica’s help and advice, it made my performance better and reminded the lines that I was constantly forgetting.


  • What is a big idea you can take away from the process?

Creating a piece together, it’s a collision of ideas. Ideas may support each other or disagree with each other, but a goodcombination of ideas will present the best to others. Respect other’s ideas, but never underestimate your own idea.



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