Experiencing Graph and Equations with Visualisation of Catapults

Preparing the Challenge

At the start, my group searched for a lot of ideas to fix and make catapults. We considered about sustainability, accuracy, and several other techniques a catapult needs to get a successful product. In the end, we planned out just a simple catapult to build in the Phet Lab during Math Class.

Making the Catapult

During the process of building the catapult, there was a lot of problems. Our visualisation of the catapult wasn’t nearly to our plan and we felt like we wasted our time during the first session of building. That was the point where we changed our minds and decisions to construct a new source which was a crossbow. A crossbow as a whole is very hard to make and takes a substantial amount of time. Although it took several hours to build and finalise the whole product as a whole, we were able to manage and make the catapult at the end.

Testing the Catapult

During the catapult challenge, I felt like the crossbow was okay and was on average. When the size of the ending point was shrinking to a smaller size, it was getting harder and harder to make the accuracy percentage to a higher level.


Going through variety of perspectives, acknowledging diverse lenses, our final catapult was successful. We tried to use a much solutions and ways to solve out different challenges and I got to know a whole lot about quadratic equations and graphs.

Click the catapult JS link below to see the video.

Catapult JS

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