Define and Inquire

5 Precedents:

Energy Potential Car #1, Energy Potential Car #2, Magnet Potential Car, Plastic Bottle Fan, Rolling Machine

How will your device/toy demonstrate energy transfer?

The potential cars have rubber bands connecting two CD disks with two cardboards attached together. There is a thin wood which ties the rubber band and when spinning it in one direction it can transfer elastic energy to kinetic energy. The car will start moving until the elastic energy has been fully transferred. Other precedents such as magnets and rolling machines involve the use of magnets to have the force to move the car.

What new skills do you need to learn to create your device/toy?

The skill to construct materials with correct dimensions is the new skill that I can learn. During the process, I will have to use correct figures and measurements. For example, the CD disk needs to be correctly placed so that the car wouldn’t be unbalanced.

The car is going to have a greater mass on the side where the small wood piece is attached. However, since the other side of CD disk has a rubber band stabilized, the car wouldn’t go to a specific direction.

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