Dragon’s Eye

Title: Blossom Blues

Author: Elicia Bullock

I saw this picture at the display in front of the cafeteria. The picture connects to me by the colors used in the picture. I enjoy taking pictures that involve a lot of colors in one picture. This picture was entertaining by using colors such as blue, green, sky blue, pink, brown, etc. Although the picture involved nature that I was not interested, the artistic skill used in the photograph was fascinating. The very clear water and the merging with the clouds and flowers beside it, made the photograph to look very artistic. The out-focusing in the photo, where the blurred bushes were at the back, were some technical skills that I really liked to try when taking photos. The rule of thirds was being used. The water or the lake covers up two thirds of the picture and some flowers and tree branches intervene at some points. Both the artistic skill and technical skill made this picture look even more lively. It made the viewer’s attention to look closer and be engaged.

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