Photographer Garry Winogrand Research

Garry Winogrand is an American Street Photographer in the mid-20th century. He mainly photographed in California and Texas.

One of his common technique to take street photography is to capture images in black and white. This color looks more urban and conveys the meaning of “lively”. There isn’t only one person in the picture. Instead, the background makes the focus of the main character look even more alive. Without the use of colors, Winogrand expresses his artistic views through diverse angles, interesting settings that tell a story, and making the scene look alive.

This picture delineates the perfect use of background to focus the main person. Using the rule of thirds, the person is centered and the audience can notice this by having every other people’s facial expression and perspective somewhere else. The viewpoint of the man on the right looks like he is focusing on something else, which elaborates the main person as the person in the center.

Most importantly, Winogrand uses people to deliver is point of view to the audience. If the picture looks boring, he uses angles and changes the location of the camera to show the audience an unique way.

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