Designer Persona

Designer Persona Elements:

What do you think graphic design is?

I think that Graphic Design is a visual representation that has a particular purpose to achieve a goal. Art and Graphic Design can be related, however, art is a form of expression while Graphic Design is a design with a purpose.

What skills do you hope to learn?

I would hope to learn various techniques to graphic a design. For example, just like the low poly design, I would like to learn other unique and interesting ways to design graphics.

What is the best thing you ever made?

The best thing I ever made is a small catapult that was used in grade 8 math class. It had an arrow-shaped front with a rubber band attached to each sides that fire ping pong balls in a parabolic shape.

What do you want to make?

I would like to make a self-portrait and a logo of my favorite teams using graphic designs. Since there are numerous graphic design techniques, I would like to experience as much of those techniques possible.

What strengths do you have that you can bring to your learning in this course?

I took the Product Design course last year. Throughout the previous months, I have went through the design process and familiarized myself in generating ideas. I hope that my past experiences can strengthen and support me in this Graphic Design course as well.

Specific Elements?

-Interests/Inspirations: Recently, I have found some artists and designs that inspired me. One of the artist was Es Devlin. She is an architectural designer, however, she always incorporates the theme of “sense of unification” that really interested me. Some of her artworks are below.

-Basic Information: I am a grade 10 student born in 2003. I am energetic, talkative, competitive, and adventurous.

-Goals: I am looking forward to creating interesting graphic designs that involves a variation of color and theme. For example, I looked up some inspirations on DeZeen and I found some unique Christmas trees that could be drawn through graphic designs. Below are some inspirations that I would like to draw with graphic designs in the future.

Final Designer Persona


Below is a PDF version.

GD Designer Persona UP
Describe the process of creating your vector portrait. What were the biggest challenges? How did your skills improve over time?

I created my graphic design portrait using the Adobe Illustrator. I chose the ‘shapes’ method where I would use only triangles to draw my portrait. During the starting process of creating the project, I had a hard time familiarizing myself with the tools in illustrator. For example, one of the challenges was ending my triangle with the correct anchor point. Each time I create a triangle, there are three anchor points. I always forgot to click the last anchor point that ends one triangle. However, my skills improved over time after I got used to correctly format anchor points and adjust colors in different parts of the face. I think that the main success and take away for this project was using a variety of colors. There are still some parts where I need to get more practice on.

How does your poster’s aesthetic reflect who you are as a designer?

The first aesthetic is that I had some places of the face with big-sized triangles, whereas in some other places of the face I used small-sized triangles. Based on this aesthetic, I think that I can be reflected as a designer that likes to consider adjustments and techniques that make the graphic design more appealing to the audience.

The second aesthetic is that I used various colors to put in emphasis on different parts of the portrait. I think that this aesthetic can reflect me as a designer that prefers to imply a lot of colors in the design.

3 thoughts on “Designer Persona

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for your brilliant work! Firstly, your poster. The illustration is super nice, I like how you pushed the style of your portrait with the added geometric shapes and bold colors. Your poster composition is a nice balance between complex but well-organized. The emojis are a little cluttered in my opinion but they look fun. Your blog post is outstanding, lots of detailed information (with images… wow!) about your interests. I haven’t heard of ES Devlin, her work looks cool so I will check her out.

    Mr Griffin

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    I really liked that you took your portrait and outlined it with triangles, quite different from other designs. Poly design… I know nothing, but it seems hard. You tried to add that to our portrait so I guess your already learning more design skills.
    The contrast of color in our poster is also great. It makes me focus on the details. Galaxy gradient

  3. hey man,
    I really like how you went with the low poly art style! I really like how you tried to put design not just in the portrait, but also in the poster itself. I saw a lot of people trying to do vector art, but I haven’t seen so many people doing a low poly art style and I really like what you’ve made!

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