5 Street Photography Photos


This photograph was the best picture taken in the Park across ISB. To start off, the rule of thirds could be seen. The man on the bicycle is located on the left side of the picture. This formation makes the picture more engaging for the audience, because if the man was centered, it would just look normal. Furthermore, the two lines on the fence is symbolizing parallelism to convey the meaning that there would be a continuous journey for the man. The ground also has a line that is stretched endlessly. The background of the photo was green bushes that made the focus of the audience to look at the man instead of having too much focus on the background. Additionally, I think that the color of the bicycle is interesting. The color, pink, is contrasting the rest of the photo’s natural colors such as green and brown. Overall, I think this was the best picture.

Urban Street Photographer: Anthony Danielle

Anthony Danielle is an urban street photographer. His style contains the person with the main focus to hold a certain object that might symbolize their daily lives. Usually, other than the main focused person, there will be a few people at the back just walking along the street.

The technical style of parallelism can be identified easily in Anthony Danielle’s photos. The buildings in the streets are spread across the street. The buildings are usually placed at the sides of the picture. Nothing special was added to create something special, which makes the viewers feel a sense of daily lives.


Above is the site where Anthony Danielle interviewed about his photography.

Dragon’s Eye

Title: Blossom Blues

Author: Elicia Bullock

I saw this picture at the display in front of the cafeteria. The picture connects to me by the colors used in the picture. I enjoy taking pictures that involve a lot of colors in one picture. This picture was entertaining by using colors such as blue, green, sky blue, pink, brown, etc. Although the picture involved nature that I was not interested, the artistic skill used in the photograph was fascinating. The very clear water and the merging with the clouds and flowers beside it, made the photograph to look very artistic. The out-focusing in the photo, where the blurred bushes were at the back, were some technical skills that I really liked to try when taking photos. The rule of thirds was being used. The water or the lake covers up two thirds of the picture and some flowers and tree branches intervene at some points. Both the artistic skill and technical skill made this picture look even more lively. It made the viewer’s attention to look closer and be engaged.

Street Photography Day #1

On April 12th, our class went to take street photography in a park across the school. The intention was to take pictures of how people, buildings, and other street related objects would be set on a daily basis. Some people were enjoying shows inside the park, some went out to walk along, and some took pictures of beautiful flowers within the park. I mostly took pictures of flowers and the design inside the park, because that held my interest the most.

This photo is a red flower behind the background of the sky. I liked this photo by the color, texture, and the use of background in the image. To be specific, this photo was taken in an angle where the camera was facing upwards to the sky. I intentionally included the electric lines at the back, because I wanted to show the relation of nature and modern streets. Some highlights were that the red flower was clear and the out-focusing was used as I wanted it to look like. I learned that it is very hard to converge two separate themes together in one photo. Furthermore, next time, I think I would need to show a different background to show the ‘modern’ theme. There were several apartments that could’ve been shown too.

This photo is a picture of a few apartments behind the park. I liked this photo, because of the parallel structure and the unique angle. I changed the angle of the camera to match the horizontal line of the picture at the top. I thought that this would be more interesting instead of just taking an apartment picture. Some highlights were the moderate use of lighting. In the picture it was not shown, but there was the sun facing the camera, consequently making the picture look dark. I successfully managed to escape from the sun. Through this photo, I learned that there can be different ways to make a photo that look boring, interesting. Next time, I think I can work more on involving different objects inside the photo do not just only have apartments.

This photo was the name or symbolism for the building and the park across the school. The photo had the rock in the middle and few apartments at the back. I think that the highlight was to have the rock centered in the photo. I personally think that this photo did not show the urban or street photography in daily life. Next time, I think it would be more effective to include diverse topics inside the photo.