Mentoring Trips Reflection

I went on a 8th grade September mentoring trip and I would like to explain my reflection of the trip.

First, explaining my strengths in the ISB core value was creativity. At the second day of the mentoring trip in the morning, we had an activity to make boats that we make of bamboos and experiment in the water afterwards. During the time building the boat, our group and I had creative ideas. For example, where to put the bamboo, strings, and additional glue cans filled with air. We had different ideas to do this, and using our creativity, we built one boat containing variety of ideas.

Second, explaining my weakness in the ISB core value was balance. This also happened during the boat making session. There were new people and people that I did not know as we got together as a group. That made our group very awkward to talk to at the first time. It got better as the time went by, but I felt like there was no balance supported during the trip.

Finally, I think that my creativity and innovation as in a group was very well supported and used, but on the other hand, I felt like there was no balance within our group.