The found poem is the multimedia I made for the setting of the story by William W . Jacobs which is “The Monkey’s Paw”. I tried to use variety of methods to create this work. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Canva, and screenshot. With many use, I used Powerpoint as my tool. My found poem represent setting for the elements of fiction.

The reason for the background image to be an isolated house in a dark color is because the story portrays the setting in a very dark mood where there are less population. The dark weather and the black picture is included to show the accurate settings. The author describes the setting as: “Outside, the night was cold and wet.” This shows readers how this setting is a very opposite from bright. I used textboxes and cut down words separately to show how these phrases that I used was discovered from the book. I intentionally made the colors of the textbox gray, black, and sometimes white. The dark colors represent the things mentioned before. There was sometimes white textboxes, because in the passage the author illustrates: “but a fire burned brightly in the small living room.” This made me feel that there was still lively habitats in isolated places. Active verbs such as knitting, playing, and commenting was used to show the little and partial things about the lively house.

My found poem symbolizes the dark setting of the story but still has a lively family because although specific events, settings, or consequences there are, the family is lively and there is love deeper than any problems that bothers. The mother loves her son even though her son changed to have problems and formed differently. “Are you afraid of your own son!” And “Get is quickly and wish Oh, my boy, my boy!” Clearly depicts how the mother is desperate and loves her son so much.

The colorful part of this poem is where there is the lively family and love between the family members in whatever situation they are facing. The mother thinks of her son even though her son is not there and is changed in a different form of person. The father hesitated at the first place, but later on wishes too. These actions show that the family is very well-related with one another.

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