Student Led Conference 17-18

Communication and Collaboration:

Ideas generating, people collaborating, in a group of three we communicated and discussed to make a final piece with various movements applied.


In a group of three, there were conflicts, different ideas/opinions, and perspectives on how we could improve our dance and our moves to make the video more engaging. In order to do that, we had to talk and use the communication skills to express and collaborate to sort out and get through challenges. Although there were unexpected and great things, the actual process was full with communication and collaboration that sharpened our thoughts and specific details.

Leadership and Responsibility:

Speaking, writing, and reading, everyone during the lobbying session in MUN went through hard work and leadership was shown.

DIMUN reso yemen final


During the lobbying session, I gathered with a group that wasn’t very talkative. Everyone was absolutely silent and no one stepped up to break the ice. However, I knew that this situation wasn’t going to end in a good way, because I had the same experience in BRITMUN. Hence, at DIMUN, I tried my best to lead the group and turn in a successful resolution. However, throughout the process, it wasn’t easy like it looked like. Several editing, ideas, and conflicts between members were really hard to manage. I never tried this hard to actually lead and be the person to be a main submitter in MUN, and so that was why I thought MUN brought me a good leadership between members. For future reference, I would think this opportunity as a one big step towards success in the future. Especially for the skill of leadership and responsibility.

Inquiry, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving:

NIH, Panel Discussions, and Socratic Seminars were key aspects and events where I expressed my inquiry abilities.

Presentation script NIH project

Color Blindness 2


At the start of the year, I wasn’t very excited or wanted to talk at being active in speaking as a group. However, when the poem analysis and subjects came in, I felt like my preparation was ready to be a confident and engaging speaker in a group. In my personal opinion, I thought that I was the least talkative person in the group during the first socratic seminar. However, I didn’t want to look weak lose all my preparation time. Sometimes, I felt like I needed to speak up so that I can show people my talents and skills of speaking. Furthermore, the panel discussion for the Russian Revolution was very successful for me as one perspective and guest in the discussion which made me feel even more confident and calm than before. Furthermore, the NIH project that I made a script, presentation, and other things were especially more effective. The NIH project took weeks of preparation, weeks of presenting practice, and to actually finalise the piece. Although it was very challenging, the idea of inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving needed to be applied in order for me to get a good result and a full grant.